Cakes Galore! Lemon Cake + Matcha Green Tea Cupcakes

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  1. LilaVanilla

    I love your little kitty cupcakes, and your iced cakes are beautiful, they look small though, what size are they – I always find the small ones the most difficult so I’m admiring them!

  2. lyndsay

    hi lilavanilla! heehee. i guess the cakes do look small when they are dwarved by close-ups of cupcake insides!! the cakes you see are all 7, 8 or 9 inches in diameter.

    thanks for visiting!! ^_^

  3. Micol

    Love your blog! Have you checked out the Food Networks new reality show Recipe to Riches! You could win $250,000! I found the details and entry form at I should enter my butter tart recipe!!!

  4. Alanna S.

    So cute! Nicely mixed group of photo’s!

  5. Eva @ Four Leaf Clover

    These all look so delicious!!

  6. apparentlyjessy

    Swoon swoon swoon. So much inspiration here every single cake you make is SO perfect and lovely and I wish I had your skills.

  7. lyndsay

    micol, that’s crazy — i am too scared to be on television though! yikes! you should enter!!

    thanks alanna! ^__^

    thanks eva!!

    awww thanks jessy! you are a wonderful talent yourself, and you can actually also SEW! i am the worst seamstress ever! xo

  8. Maaike

    true beauty those green roses, Lyndsay! Enjoy your weekend,
    love Maaike

  9. Brandy L

    I love the colors of the cupcakes, especially of the one that has the blue/purple shade to it! Amazing job! Your work is beautiful and Flawless Lyndsay!


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