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drippy cake with flowers - Coco Cake Land

Lyndsay of Coco Cake Land with cakes

I got new photos taken. Mostly because I felt like I was living a hair lie with the long and flowing locks in my old pics. And then also because I’ve been feeling like a fresh little daisy of life. Like perhaps I’ve been born anew lately. Things feel like they’re looking up as I veer along towards my final IV treatment for breast cancer. I filmed my first ever online cake class for Craftsy (a post on that coming soon!). I’ve been feeling healthy and fit with my once-a-day(ish) gym regime. I’ve been getting more fun little work projects which involve my favourite things – baking, styling and photographing. Life with Rich and Teddy feels loving and good. One final needle poke into my chest, where my ugly bump of a port is, while they pump in medicine that is hopefully tracking down and murdering any stray cancer cells. Please God let it be over. Please Goddess let it be done.

But no more talk of that, because look: I’m sprinkling lil sprinklies onto a cake!! 

pink drippy ganache cake - Coco Cake Land

I’m so happy with these photos. My beautiful pal Stephanie of The Pauhaus took them. She is a breath of fresh air, a starburst of talent and creativity. Plus she is an incredible mom to three little turds (she calls them the shitstains) and I’m in awe of that. She wears and writes her heart deeply raw on her sleeve and that’s been inspiring to me – the insane ups and deep downs of motherhood, family and relationships. Like I wish I had the balls to splay it out there as openly and honestly as she does. The photos were taken in my home kitchen where I work and create all of my cakes.

adding sprinkles to cake - Coco Cake Land


piping buttercream onto cake - Coco Cake Land

WHY SO SERIOUS!?? WHY BE NORMAL!?? (you gotta love that Why Be Normal bumper sticker.)

drippy cake with flowers - Coco Cake Land

BECAUSE I LIFT WEIGHTS I could do this photo. This is not for the weakling-armed. This is some Chinese Lady Popeye spinach-munching business.

Serious portrait - photo by The Pauhaus

I’m a serious baker. I’m a serious person. I am actually the opposite of both of those things. But I’m wearing my favourite apron, that is the truth.

Serious portrait - photo by The Pauhaus

K. You’ve looked the other way for a bit. Look THIS way now. Yes, look!

wildflower face - Coco Cake Land

Because you went to art school, hold up this vase in front of your face. ART!!! (I love these gorgeous wild and wonderful flowers by Our Little Flower Company!) But seriously I love a good flower face pic.

cake collection - Coco Cake Land

Moody cakey times.

Lyndsay of Coco Cake Land

If your face resembles a Chinese Pumpkin, you may as well laugh about it. FLAUNT THE PUMPKIN. Thank you so much Phanie for snapping these pics for me! You are a magical unicorn and I truly admire you! xo Lyndsay

14 Responses to “Cakes + Hair + Photos”

  1. movita beaucoup

    Love the photos, the cakes, the hair, the everything! So glad you’re nearing the end of your treatments, friend. May the changing of seasons bring nothing but wonderful things!

    1. Lyndsay // Coco Cake Land

      Rachael, thank you so much – yes to Spring/Summer and good things ahead!! xo

  2. Elizabeth @

    Lynds, you are gorgeous and radiant in these pictures! Your happiness just shines. Thank you for sharing them and sharing your journey. xoxo

    1. Lyndsay // Coco Cake Land

      Aw thanks Elizabeth!! It means a lot. XOXO

  3. Sarah

    So happy to hear that you are nearing the end of treatment! These photos are so special, you look gorgeous and I really love your hair. The cakes are stunning as ever and I’m all heart eyes over that hot pink icing – wow! <3 xo

  4. Linda

    You are looking fab and strong, Lyndsay!! I know how heavy one of those cakes can be.. ;-) xo

    1. online cake

      wow nice cake . happy to know you are fine ,i love your pics,style and this page :)

    2. Nidhi Shah

      Wow, You looks so pretty on beautiful hair cut and nice photographs of cake, Keep smile always on you like this. Love to read your article.

  5. heather

    I love these new photos of you!! It was so nice to see you the other day :)!

  6. Justine @

    Haha, your commentary juxtaposed among these gorgeous images made my chuckle! I also went to art school and love a good ‘flowers in front of the face’ photo. I have several on my own blog. Hahahaha. Your short hair is so fresh and you look amazing! As always, your use of colour is so inspiring!

    1. Lyndsay // Coco Cake Land

      Thank you Justine!! Haha – oh yes, FLOWERS IN THE FACE! xo

  7. Cake Shop

    Happy to see you with an inspirational come back! The pictures of cake and you both are very pretty. You look so cool and strong. Keep up this strong woman in you always!

    Cheers :)

  8. Clickroses

    Wow, You looks so pretty on beautiful hair cut and nice photographs of cake, Keep smile always on you like this. Love to read your article.

  9. Nidhi Shah

    Wow.. What a cake.. You looks so pretty on beautiful hair cut and nice photographs of cake, Keep smile always on you like this. Love to read your article.


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