Coco Cake Land at Indie I Do!

coco cake set up! photo by jeanie ow

Make a statement without saying a word! Did anyone out there love Sassy magazine like I did as a teen? I remember my older sister buying them when she started high school, and me getting to take a peak at them, along with poring through her high school annuals and dreaming about my own high school experience that was yet to come…

Sassy magazine was like an early teen bible for my friends and I… it was feminist without being outrightly so, it taught young women about self-esteem and being strong and following their dreams. It had amazing fashion and true life stories (It Happened To Me) and real advice for real problems that young women faced. It didn’t candycoat readers with a typified tween existence of boys and prom and weight loss. It gave young women confidence and the power to think for themselves. Of course as a teenaged girl you still want to feel pretty and be liked and have crushes and dream about boys (or girls) and so on. Sassy was a perfect balance for that – allowing girls to be teens but empowering them at the same time.

So yes, I was a proud reader of Sassy!! And within the pages of Sassy there were always ads for Exclamation! perfume… with the tagline “Make a statement without saying a word!” The colour scheme was always black and white stripes or polkadots, with a splash of pink! Very late 1980s/early 1990s… so this was my visual inspiration for this year’s Indie I Do wedding fair!

I’ve been wanting to make one of these adorable cupcake wrapper garlands ever since I saw it online! So with the colour inspiration in mind, I sat at my table with This American Life playing in the background and strung together a lovely, fluffy, crinkly garland of black, white and pink. I also made a super cute new Coco Cake sign in pink and grey (two colours that are so pretty together, and, let’s face it, 1980s!) and then made oodles of flags to go with it all. My favourite thing is to make things matchy and designy – I had lots of fun doing this!

For the cupcakes, I made light pink rosette buttercream topped vanilla cupcakes in silver wrappers, dark chocolate cupcakes in pink gingham wrappers and dark chocolate cupcakes with white vanilla creamcheese frosting blobettes. Pink carnations rounded out the late 1980s vibe for my Coco Cake wedding display table!!

I had a blast and a half at the wedding fair, partying it up with my amazing friend Sharon. We met lots of great brides and grooms, chuckled it up with some fellow wedding vendors and met lots of new friends too. All in all a great event!

Last photograph of my table by the amazing Jeanie Ow!

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  1. Erin

    Love it Lynds!!! Just brought back memories of us anxiously awaiting each new Sassy magazine, or stealing the old ones from our sisters! You’ve done a fabulous job honey! I love the theme!!! Xo

  2. jan

    Looks so awesome! I totally missed this whole event!

  3. Linds


    These all look so delish!!!! Just out of curiosity, where did you get your lovely stacked cupcake stand?

    You never cease to impress me,


  4. gyoza*girl

    woohoo! SASSY magazine ruled!! :) so funny how you remember it so clearly. love your coco cake set-up at the show. bummer i missed it this year. you and sharon look so cute at your table. love the flags and banners. nice pic by Jeannie too! “Make a statement without saying a word!” :) xox

  5. SweetThingsTO

    Amazinging wonderful! Your treats look fabulous and so do you! I love the idea of the cupcake garland! Hope you can re-use the garland – those are fancy liners too! :-)

  6. Neha

    This post makes me SO happy : )

  7. lyndsay

    thanks EMG!!

    hi jan! it was lots of fun… i can imagine how busy you are though!! ^_^

    linds, send me an email to!

    gyozagirl aka SISTER! we can re-use that ruffled banner for some future kiddie bday party!

    hi juanita!! thanks so much… definitely will reuse the garland! i ordered some pink liners that i found too big and annoying so i used those up… so i felt good to turn them into something cute! but yes liners are so pricey these days that these garland thingies may not be that cheap!

    thanks neha!! ^_^

  8. Brandy L

    awesome! I love it!

  9. namaste27

    Oh, Le sigh.
    Lyndsay, your blog makes me so happy. You have so much fun doing what you do. :)
    One day I hope to have a job that I love too.

  10. With Love & Confection

    Beautiful post! Gorgeous cupcakes! I love the baking cup garland! Please follow my blog and tell me what you think of my Valentine Gingerbread House!

  11. With Love & Confection

    Beautiful post! Gorgeous cupcakes! I love the baking cup garland! Please follow my blog and tell me what you think of my Valentine Gingerbread House!

  12. Kelly

    I love your baking cups string of decorations. I might hang some up myself, so I can stare at them when I’m baking.

  13. faithy, the baker

    i adore your cupcake garland too!! so creative! everything on your dessert table looks delectable and what lovely setup as well!

  14. liz

    such cute cupcakes and i too love the garland!

  15. lyndsay

    thanks brandy!! ^_^

    namaste27, go for it and find that job you love!!

    love&confection, your gingerbread homes are bonkers!

    thanks kelly! super easy to make!

    thanks faithy!! i found the idea online, so cute and simple and fluffy and crinkly… ^_^

    thanks liz! ^_^

  16. Bakerina

    Hi! I’m Bakerina the Baking Ballerina! Please follow my blog and tell me what you think of my cupcakes! Thank you!

  17. lyndsay

    hey bakerina, nice work little buddy!

  18. sliceofmylyfe

    Your blog is stunning. Thank you for sharing…

    I need to keep coming back for more.

  19. SweetThingsTO

    Finally – I had a reason to make this garland for my daughter’s 1st birthday party. Thank you for the idea, I linked over to you and also your source of inspiration. Here’s my post on

  20. lyndsay

    oooh cool! happy birthday to your cute little one, juanita! xo

  21. gateaux rose

    Boy, what I wouldn’t do to see how you make those adorable little rounded frosting peaks on those chocolate cupcake up there.. Great job, and thanks for posting this again!! So cute. Everytime I try that frosting technique (I use a super large round tip) it looks like blaaarrrrhhhggg.


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