Coco Cake Land Book + Special Sprinkles Mix Giveaway!!!

coco cake land striped cake


coco cake land book giveaway

Two. WEEKS. TIL. PUB. DATE!!! Two weeks from now, my sweet lil Coco Cake Land book will be on the bookshelves of actual stores, and in the laps of actual people!!!!! To celebrate, I’m giving away a copy of my book, PLUS a jar of my very own custom Sweetapolita sprinkles mix!!! You can’t buy this mix, you can only win it through my Instagram giveaway, and the Instagram giveaways of some of my closest blogger buddies! Oh shnikey!!!

coco cake land striped cake

A few months ago I was having din din with Steph and Molly when Molly was visiting Whistler. They were helping my panicked self brainstorm some cool-guy ideas for book launch time… Steph suggested a Coco Cake Land sprinkles mix… AND HERE WE ARE, BABY!!! Rosie of Sweetapolita has been a cake blog friend of mine for years and years – I made circus animal cookies from her book back when her book came out in 2015!

coco cake land custom sprinkles mix

coco cake land custom sprinkles mix

CUTE!!! Sweetapolita based the colours and vibe off of my book cover!! YES! After a few iterations of sprinkle mix, the buttercream-covered thumbs up was given, and the sprinkle mix was created!

coco cake land book

I literally chose the hottest day of the summer so far to bake and frost this striped Lyndsanity sprinkled colour blaster of a Swiss Meringue buttercream frosted cake!!! I was 90% crying in the hot hot heat of my muggy kitchen while frosting this, then photographing it… ! The recipes for this vanilla cake and my version of Swiss Meringue buttercream can be found in… yep, you guessed it – MA BOOOQ.

coco cake land

cake flag coco cake land

When I was making the cake topper, honestly the only thing that came into my head was GIVE IT AWAY NOW, hehe, a rickdickulous reference to a very old and rather embarrassing song that I used to listen to back in grade nine while trying to be very edgy and cool. To enter the giveaway check out my Coco Cake Land Instagram for more, and to enter to win!!! Hehe!


I want to also give a HUGE sprinkly thanks to Rosie and her crew over at Sweetapolita for making this happen!! xo Lyndsay 

6 Responses to “Coco Cake Land Book + Special Sprinkles Mix Giveaway!!!”

  1. Elisavet

    HAHA!! i totally read it to the tune of the song the minute i saw it!!
    i only read blogs @work while im on hold (sometimes 10-12min stretches)
    & had not seen yours since 2 jobs ago when you were going thru chemo.
    i was a little scared to go to the first page not knowing what news would be there…
    SO FKN THRILLED to see happiness, delicious looking cakes, health, good fortune & A BOOK!!!!??!!!!!
    guess what im going to be getting as soon as i can!?!?!
    much love from a sporadic -but dedicated- reader <3

    1. Lyndsay // Coco Cake Land

      Oh my goodness. Elisavet, thank you so much for taking the time to COMMENT! Wow. Your words really made my day… made me think… thank you for being dedicated, albeit sporadic… LOL!! XO

    2. Elisavet

      YAY! i wasnt sure if i should but now im happy i did.
      ive been following for a long time & am in love w yr SO CUTE designs.
      i stare @ a screen all day so i dont do much computering when i get home
      but you are one of my special bright spots during the long workday. pretty
      colors, yummy cakes, yr adorable kiddo – its like a little vacation to cococakeland
      while im on hold lol
      im super happy to see you are healing up & getting strong & able to do the things you love <3
      hoping to see some creepy spooky icky kawaii halloween cakes!

  2. movita beaucoup

    I mean, the book was one thing, but CUSTOM SPRINKLES? You have arrived.

  3. steph

    EEEEEPPPPPPPPP this is the most epic photoshoot ever! so vibrant and pretty and YOU! i am so excited for you and i love the sprinkle mix!!!! i’m going to hoard my jar and only use it very sparingly so i’ll probably still have it 20 years from now when we celebrate your book’s 20th anniversary we can have cake with OG sprinkles. you down?! >_<

  4. cynthia

    SO EXCITED FOR THIS LYNDSAY!!!! Hugest congrats on this total beauty. What a ride it’s been to get to this point–I am so so thrilled and excited for all that is in store.


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