Coco Cake Round-Up: Children’s Party Times!!

Oh, crazy children of the world. They love to part-ay like it’s 1999. And they love to part-ay with their cakes, and their cupcakes! Here is a big old collection of some of Coco Cake‘s recent children’s party projects. I love kids–I am lucky I get to work with them twice a week teaching art, and that I have the CUTEST niece and nephew (see above pics!). I can’t even believe I have another niece or nephew arriving in May. Go childrenland go!

Race-car themed 2nd birthday cake for cute little Michael!

Vroom! Vroom! Or is it more like… putputputput…

Black and red Spidey cupcakes for one of my oldest friends, Erin’s son Denis’ birthday!

Thanks again for the tzatziki and homous, Erin– I am STILL working it off at the gym, aiyahh!

Henry’s adorable PEANUTS themed birthday cupcakes…

Snoop Dog (the original Snoop–bow wow wow yipppee yay) and his buddy, Charlie

Heehee! Kung-fu Panda cake for Jonelle’s godson Wil!

This movie made me chuckle. I watched it with my sister (who teaches grade 4) and her entire class at a year-end movie party. I liked all the char-siu bau (BBQ pork bun) references… !

Cute little Adrien’s Harry & The Dinosaurs cupcakes!

Harry… with ginger hair… !

I had never heard of these characters before… but I think they turned out super cute!

10 Responses to “Coco Cake Round-Up: Children’s Party Times!!”

  1. nikolina100

    thats a LOT of cute!! The owl cake is my fave :)

  2. Post Grad Hair Cut

    Oh dear. These are so cute. The dinosaur cupcakes are my absolute favourite.

  3. SweetThingsTO

    What a fabulous selection of cakes and cupcakes! I think my fav is charlie brown’s cute face!

  4. michelle

    Thanks again Lyndsay. Henry loved his snoopy and charlie brown cupcakes…and they were delicious too!!

  5. gyoza*girl

    they’re all adorable. nice round-up LKS! :) hoot hoot! :)

  6. lyndsay

    hey hey hey! thanks everyone for the comments! :)

  7. JulieD

    I’m a huge Peanuts fan and love your Snoop Dog, Charlie Brown, etc cupcakes! :-)

  8. Brandy L

    I love all the different cakes you’ve posted on here. Beautiful kids in the pictures as well. :D

  9. lyndsay

    thanks julie D and brandy too!!

    that’s my niece and nephew… too cute!!

    “snoop dawgy doggg… eee doggg…”

  10. cakedecorator

    loving the charlie brown cupcakes, It’s really nice to see them kind of oversized to completely fill the top of the cupcake, kids will love this!


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