Drawing Is Fun: Handmade Custom Cake Toppers

I’ve been really loving working on hand drawn cake toppers lately for my cakes – I like it because it’s something no one else can recreate, making them original and fun- and boy, colouring really provides me with some stress-relieving joy! I should invest in some colouring books…

This adorable set of yellow umbrella and raindrop buddies was created for Lauren’s baby shower, hosted by her sisters Alissa and Naomi! I loved the yellow umbrella theme – a fresh and fun baby shower theme, don’t you think? Alissa provided me with the invite and I created the toppers based around the umbrella theme. How cute are those blue drip drop cake topper buddies? Heehee!

Here’s a super cute set of cake toppers to match a custom pirate cake I made for adorable Graydon’s 5th birthday party! The neon parrot cake topper made me chuckle. I kind of want to make a parrot cake now. This is nuts, too – I made an awesome Where The Wild Things Are cake for Graydon for his very first birthday party – and now he’s five! Where does the time go?

I adore how the custom toppers bring a cake to life. I loved making these cute little vintage-look ice skating buddies for sweet River’s birthday cake. I made River a cupcake train cake a few years ago for his 5th birthday! I wanted to go ice skating and was craving hot chocolate with mini marshmallows instantly after drawing them. Gad, I’m impressionable! Doesn’t the cake look extra billowy and “snowy” with the addition of the ice skaters? :)

And of course this cutie red fox playing the guitar for my good friend Miko’s daughter Saya’s birthday, based on an image in one of her favourite books. I can hear the plink and plunk of the acoustic guitar right now…

Ahh, too much fun! I love being able to offer something unique and cute, and something I really love doing – I’ve been drawing since I was a little kid. It’s nice to be able to sit down and draw again. I forget I can do that after a long day of chasing after Teddy and baking, photographing and blogging in between!

Interested in ordering a set of custom hand drawn cake toppers? I can mail them worldwide. Email me at lyndsay (at) cococake.com for more info.

Happy Tuesday, cake pals! Chat soon.

xo Lyndsay

13 Responses to “Drawing Is Fun: Handmade Custom Cake Toppers”

  1. Jen@mysentimentaljamboree

    SO fun!!! You’re so talented. I think I’ll encourage Lily to make her own toppers for her upcoming birthday in December.

  2. Coco Cake Land

    Aw! thank you jen – oh yeah, Lily should totally make her own awesome toppers for her birthday cake! Super cute. I’ll look out for it on your blog! ;)

  3. gang.of.four

    awesome idea! totally great to get kids to make their own as well :)

  4. Coco Cake Land

    thanks phanie!! ahh i can only imagine the awesomeness that moses and coco would come up with!! xo

  5. Sugar Baby

    You’re so creative…I love how it personalizes each cake!

  6. Coco Cake Land

    @sugar baby – thank you so much! i like that aspect, too! :)

    @miriam – thank you! :)

  7. Marj Jenkins

    I love the fox playing the guitar – super cute! And I love that the birthday girl can keep him after the party. When my kids were little they would have stuck their decorations into something at every meal for days!

  8. Coco Cake Land

    @marj, thanks so much! always nice to hear from you! aww yes, totally – i’d like to think that the toppers become little sentimental keepsakes! :)

  9. thimble

    such cute toppers! I adore the raindrop ones!

  10. Coco Cake Land

    thanks so much, thimble! i love those little raindrop drips, too! :)

  11. Diary Of A Mad Woman And Life As I Know It

    What a lovely idea, my kids would so love to make their mown toppers :))

  12. Coco Cake Land

    @diary of a mad woman – thank you! yes, would be so fun to do with your little ones! ^__^


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