Ebi Sushi Cake!

Remember Coco Cake‘s Salmon Nigiri from a while back? Here’s his pal, Ebi! Made for Celina for her boyfriend Roy. Pretty thoughtful and adorable present, dont’cha think? A GIANT EBI SUSHI CAKE? That’s solid-gold girlfriend material right there. Hold on tight Roy, and never let go.

This ebi is not prawn flavoured cake (as most of you were hoping I’m sure), but vanilla cake with matcha green tea buttercream. It’s a monster sized cake, will feed 20 plus people. And what happens with leftover batter and frosting when I’m making a mega cake? It gets filled up in cupcake tins, baked away, frosted quickly and eaten even quicker, usually by a tall slender white man who sleeps in the same bed as me. Haha…

xo Lyndsay

13 Responses to “Ebi Sushi Cake!”

  1. MizzJ

    That is awesome! Have you ever thought of doing a cali roll cake?

  2. shelleysung

    amazing as usual! For some reason I am crazing sushi right now!!!

  3. faithy, the baker

    This is so cool! LOL! I love how you decorate the ‘rice’! such brilliant idea!

  4. cArLa

    green matcha buttercream??? yum! i love the rice detail on the cake too!

  5. How To Be Perfect

    Brilliant! Love sushi, love cake, love you 2 x

  6. SweetThingsTO

    Very cool cake! I’m craving sushi now!

  7. Elie's Papel

    That is the most original cake I’ve seen in a long time… fantastic!

  8. Dot

    Very cool! I’ll be linking on Dabbled.org!

  9. lyndsay

    mizz J– i have thought of it– no one’s ordered one yet! :)

    thanks sis, a.k.a. shwillie sung! i also am craving sushi!

    thanks so much faithy, carla, how to be perfect!

    aw thanks juanita, elie!

    dot, looking forward to it, thanks for your interest! :)

  10. Britt

    Too much coolness. Love it!

  11. lyndsay

    Thank you Britt! :)

  12. ricebabies

    Wordless. talent, thats the word that comes to mind.

  13. lyndsay

    aww thanks kellie!!


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