For The Love Of Mothers: Strawberry Ice Cream Cake!

I made this strawberry ice cream cake with pink vanilla cake layers for Mother’s Day… I have the most amazing mom. She has always been a strong role model for my sisters and I – a warm, generous, wise and wonderful MOM! Committed to helping others, always someone you can count on, a good friend to many and a natural born people-person. She is always so supportive of all of our endeavors and always there for us in any way shape or form. I love you mom!!

My dear beloved grandma, 88 years old, still drops sharp zingers at the dinner table, and, even though her exterior appears more frail than before, she is also a strong woman and feminist well before her time.

My two older sisters are also amazing moms themselves now – I love their kiddies so much, and am inspired by the way my sisters are raising such hilarious, smart and thoughtful children.

My mother-in-law Beth also amazes me – such a kind, welcoming, loving and wonderful mother-in-law. I couldn’t ask for a better one.

So to my dearest family members, high five for being super-awesome-amazing… !

xo Lyndsay

PS… here’s the recipe for the ice cream part of the cake

9 Responses to “For The Love Of Mothers: Strawberry Ice Cream Cake!”

  1. gyoza*girl

    this was the best cake ever! most yummy, cutest, most perfect mother’s day cake! thanks sis!!! xox

  2. kim

    What lovely things to say – I bet they are all pretty proud of you too! (especially after eating that cake! Mmmm!) ;)

  3. Jello

    oh yum! that looks amazingly good!

  4. lyndsay

    Yay Sis!

    thanks kim! ^__^

    thanks jello! ^__^

  5. Kiki Fangupo

    that looks heavenly!!

  6. creadixdoigts

    it’s beautiful, congratulation big kiss

  7. lyndsay

    thank you kiki!

    thank you creadix!

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  9. Kiki Fangupo

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