Four Party Animals Straight From The Street. Sesame Street.

Heehee! I loved how these Coco Cake created nutbars turned out. As I handcut each little fondant eyeball and made the beaks and such for Big Bird and piped all their different types and colours of hairiness, in assembling them, I just couldn’t help but make little conversations up between them all. And of course I was thinking about this hee-larious video of Bert and Ernie doing gangsta rap that someone sent me a while back… go HERE to view! I made these for my wonderful dentist’s niece and nephew who were up visiting from the States.

I can imagine Elmo being a total lovin’ life party animal, very hyper, always full of ideas and up for anything. Cookie Monster is a gluttonous, fuzzy, happy-go-lucky creature of few words, Elmo’s delightfully overweight sidekick, a touch on the “Bobcat Goldthwaite” side. These two naturally are drawn to each other and love to hang out, both being one of those friends you can just call up out of the blue and hang out with, no pretense and no weirdness, someone who is always up for making ice cream or going to the mall or going for a bike ride! Elmo and Cookie always partner up, whether it’s being on the same bowling team or riding together on a roller coaster… much to Oscar’s chagrin, as this means he’s always stuck with that wet-blanket, complainy and generally all-around wussy Big Bird.

Oscar’s always annoyed with Big Bird’s weak, warm-milk complaining, whether it’s his migraine, his sore back, his stomach in disarray from a past-the-expiry date can of worms… Oscar would way rather hang with Elmo and Cookie but his negative disposition and gruff attitude is a turn-off for those two posi-core creatures. But really… underneath the grumpy-old-man vise, he just wants to be that guy who everyone wants to hang with. He wishes he could be so casual and fun and lighthearted as Elmo. But living in garbage cans has tainted his outlook… even though Elmo has said anytime Oscar wants he can crash on Elmo’s couch, Oscar continues to live in his garbage can, mostly out of self-deprecation…

Big Bird still lives with his parents and has never gotten past puberty, nor has he ever held a real job… but still, his buddies hang with him and care for him just the same. He only eats white bread and worm sandwiches washed down with glasses of milk…

And such are the little stories that go through my head when I’m in Coco Cake World… :)

5 Responses to “Four Party Animals Straight From The Street. Sesame Street.”

  1. karen

    those cupcakes totally talk to me!!! I LOVE them!!!!!


  2. NINA

    the cookie monster, my absolute favoite!

  3. Alanna S.

    No way! Adroable as usual.

  4. lyndsay

    Haha! Thanks Karen!

    Thanks Nina! :)

    Thanks Alanna! :)

  5. faithy, the baker

    soo cute! all of them are adorable!


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