Garden Cuteness Vegan Cake! Growing Carrot Garden Cake!

The cuties at Drive Organics (an organic grocery store in my neighborhood) ordered this adorable garden-themed cake for their boss Jeff, who is venturing off into opening his own organic grocery store land in North Vancouver! The cake was a vegan dark chocolate cake with chocolate ganache filling and vanilla “butter”cream! This was lots of fun to make, fondant carrots popping up through “dirt” (dark chocolate cookie crumbs) and piped all over to be bright green and grassy! Plus, a little snail buddy!

Thanks Drive Organics people! And good luck Jeff in your exciting new venture!

11 Responses to “Garden Cuteness Vegan Cake! Growing Carrot Garden Cake!”

  1. Dawn Richards

    Once again, another amazingly cute cake. Love it!

  2. Lizzie

    Oh my goodness, I love this cake :) I was showing my friend all of your fabulous creations the other night – she was amazed!

  3. miss j.

    that is a VERY cute cake

  4. Dani Dineva

    WOW! Your cake is perfect! Love the grass and colours :)

  5. Janneke

    I’m planning to bake a carrot cake for my family’s easter brunch and have been thinking how to decorate it. Thanks for the inspiration :)


  6. Allison

    This is so adorable! I love the way the grass looks – it reminds me of astroturf!

  7. Jello

    bravo! awesome cake!

  8. henzy

    so cute!

  9. jj

    Oh man, can’t get enough of that shag rug grass and the snaily buddy. Dirt, carrots, and flowers are ace!

  10. Jan | Poppytalk

    how sweet!

  11. Lyndsay // Coco Cake Land

    @dawn — thank you so much!!! ^__^

    @lizzie — thanks lizzie!!!!

    @missj — thanks mizzJ! i was loving this one too! that snail, aiyahhh!

    @dani — thank you!

    @janneke — yes, carrot cake would be a brilliant insides to this cake!!! ^__^

    @allison — haha! love it. astroturf — so true! (but this one tasted better, i hope!!)

    @jello! hey thanks so much!

    @henzy — thank you!!

    @jj — THANK YOU!snaily buddy! kawaii!!

    @jan– THANKS jan!!! xo


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