Get On The CatBus Cake!

CATBUS CAKE! Inspired by this awesome one!

My cute new little nephew Tanner turned 1 month old! We Chinese like to celebrate as much as we possibly can so we had a special “Tanner Is 1 Month Old” dinner for him! Menu items included Gai Jow (gin infused super ginger spicey chicken broth soup with fungus), which is meant to strengthen the mom with superpowers, and dyed red egg. Red is a thumbs-up ho-ho-lucky colour for Chinese folks. And for dessert… CATBUS CAKE! My sis Leanne is pretty much Totoro-crazy so it just seemed right to make her new little baby a Catbus cake.

To really Asian-it-up, I made it using a matcha green tea cake, vanilla creamcheese frosting and anko red bean filling! I am REALLY into this combo lately, as you can see!

I love my nephews and niece! They make me so happy.

Love, Auntie Lyndsay a.k.a Auntie Coco Cake

23 Responses to “Get On The CatBus Cake!”

  1. cArLa

    awesome cake! your nephew is so lucky!!! that combo does sound delish.

  2. lyndsay

    thanks so much carla!! :)

  3. lili est folle

    seriously, you’re awesome!! I’m a big fan of totoro and I would die to have this cake!! a-ma-zing

  4. Britt

    Unbelieavable Coco! I have no idea what a Catbus is but this cake is so cute!


  5. lyndsay

    merci beaucoup lili!!

    thanks, britt! :)

  6. Leanne

    Adorable! My son loves the CatBus. <3 Totoro

  7. faithy, the baker

    lovely catbus!! so adorable!! yes..and we Chinese likes all the red eggs on birthdays too! lol!

  8. gyoza*girl

    NEKOBASU (CATBUS) cake is the BEST CAKE EVER!! well, BB’s 1st bday Totoro cake was pretty close too. lucky lucky Tanner to get such an awesome yummy kawaii surprise for turning one-month-old!!! thanks auntie lynds!! xoxox i love totoro and nekobasu!!!

  9. The Absence of Alternatives

    I love all of your creations, but this one takes the cake! (he he, pardon the pun plz). LOVE Totoro. And I never ever imagined a cake could be made a la the cat bus. Brilliant! I may have to travel to VBC just to visit your store. Amazing!

  10. lyndsay

    aww thank you leanne! :)

    thanks faithy!! haha, red eggs… ! ;)

    NEKOBASU!! yay baby tanner!

    thanks so much, absence of alternatives! :)

  11. Al in Vancouver

    Candidate for most awesome yet!

  12. v

    ohhhh so amazing! i love totoro and this catbus is too cute! :)

    out of curiousity, do you cover your own cakeboards? what do you use? i love that they are always so colorful – i can never find any fun/playful cakeboards, only the gold and silver ones at the cake supply place. would love to know where you get yours.

  13. lyndsay

    thanks al!!

    thanks v!

    you betcha i cover my own cakeboards. i use wrapping paper or craft paper — thick and durable. just trace the cake board with a pencil, cut out, adhere with a thin layer of gluestick, trim if need be! :)

  14. jojoebi

    wow this is amazing!

  15. Kelly

    are you on deviantart? (if this is you, my bad but I doubt it cause its the only cake posted)

    Rally the troops, you got a thief on your hands.

  16. Kelly

    are you on deviantart? (if this is you, my bad but I doubt it cause its the only cake posted)

    Rally the troops, you got a thief on your hands.

  17. lyndsay

    WOH! kelly, thanks for letting me know… so strange that this person would let people assume they made it. SO WEIRD!!!

  18. Art Decade

    I was just coming to warn you about the same thing on deviantART!

    But anyways…

    Beautiful work! It looks so tasty. I would kill to have a Miyazaki cake half as awesome :)

  19. Erika

    Beautiful, wonderful Catbus cake!! Well done, it’s awesome, and I love the idea of the party you had, and food giving the mum superpowers ^^

    Thought you might like to know (if you didn’t post it) that your cake made it onto ! Sharing the awesomeness >.<

  20. sohdalex

    wow, that cake looks awesome! The inside is an even better surprise…looks scrumptious ;)

  21. lyndsay

    thanks art decade!

    thanks erika!! :)

    thanks sohdalex! :)

  22. MLE Strange

    I love your other Totoro Cakes but my daughter thinks the catbus is freaking awesome. How did you make it furry? Your nephew is cute too.

  23. daisy boyd

    where is the green tea cake recipe from?
    i love the cat bus and hope to make this soon


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