Happy Birthday Little Gorilla Cake

Omg cuteness alert – I loved making this cutie pie gorilla cake for Eidee’s 1st birthday – it’s based on the 1976 book Little Gorilla by Ruth Bornstein. It’s such a sweet book … and all the more special because we’ve been reading it to our little son Teddy since he was 3 months old. Teddy loved the animal pictures when he was tiny, and I’m pretty sure the book showed him what a “birthday cake” was all about – after reading it 500+ times to him, Teddy got that a birthday cake with candles meant that something special was happening! Pretty cute! We’ve gone through three of these – the first one got lost on a plane, the second was chewed up pretty badly and the third one’s in pretty good shape…

This gorilla cake was coconut flavoured with chocolate buttercream and fondant details. I drew the little butterfly cake topper based on the pink butterfly that appears in the book! Loved it and didn’t want to see it go! Haha. Cake nerd.

Thanks Marla and Arch for the sweet order – and happy 1st birthday Eidee!

xo Lyndsay

4 Responses to “Happy Birthday Little Gorilla Cake”

  1. Sarah Crowder

    This is sooooo cute! We’re throwing Zane’s second birthday party next week, which isn’t super themed but let’s just say some monkeys will be showing up here and there…

    I thought about making a monkey cake but I don’t have your skills! I got a little plastic monkey cake topper.

  2. Coco Cake Land

    @sarah – awww! thank you so much – cute, zane’s second!! if you did want to attempt a monkey cake and you wanted any advice, just send me an email! happy to help! :)

  3. chaosisland

    It’s a sweet story about the book and the cake is very special. I like the nose on the little gorilla cake and the butterfly. they are sweet.

  4. Coco Cake Land

    @natalia – thank you! i love how he turned out… simple and sweet! :)


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