Happy “Ice Cream Sundae” Friday!

Sundae! Stripey “cup”!

Cutie custom flag for Mia’s 3rd birthday!

Dive on in! The ice cream’s fine!

Banana slices and sprinkly bits


Celebrate life… with cake!

ICE CREAM SUNDAE cake! Even my own cake-making eyes were tricked by the scoop of vanilla “ice cream” peeking out of this red and white striped ice cream cup. I just loved doing this order – it was lots of fun and I was chuckling the whole time. Leila really wanted an ice-cream themed cake for her daughter Mia’s 3rd birthday – I was thinking of using my round sphere cake pans to make ice cream balls so did a little research and came across this wonderful inspiration!

So hilarious, and of course I love making fake food cakes so much…

The cake was dark chocolate with vanilla buttercream with chocolate ganache. The decor is vanilla buttercream, more ganache for the chocolate syrup and fondant bananas and fondant ruffly wafer cookie!

A sweet email from Leila post-cake:

“The cake was a hit!!!! And this is probably the first time in 5 years that there’s no left over…not even the crumbs! Thanks again for your fabulous work, and for making a 3 year old girl (and her family) very, VERY happy! She was all smiles :)”

This is what cake-making is all about to me.

Thanks so much Leila for the fun order and happy happy birthday little Mia!

xo Lyndsay

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  1. Dawniepants


  2. Neha

    WHAT?! This is so cool : )

  3. lyndsay

    @Dawniepants, thank you!

    @Neha, haha – thank you so much!! It was so fun to make! ^__^

  4. { Nina Designs }

    That’s so cute!!! I want to try it now!

  5. Jan | Poppytalk

    That is pretty crazy cute Lyndsay!!!!

  6. lyndsay

    @NinaDesigns, thank you!

    @Jan, haha thank you Jan!!! xo

  7. Shannon

    Wow!! To be so talented, that is just amazing.

  8. MizzJ

    Aww super adorbs!

  9. sell wow accounts

    WoW! That was absolutely gorgeous.=D

  10. Kavata Ki

    Thank you for sharing your love for making cakes with us all. I think the cakes are beautiful and I am sure they taste delicious. Showing creativity through baking is inspiring and I want to encourage you to continue.


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