Happy Puppy House Dog Cake

happy puppy house cake
happy puppy house cake

I made myself a friend! He is a Happy Puppy House dog cake aka cakey loaf pup. He has a nice Pochacco-like face! My wicked cool friend Amanda turned me on to these hilarious, simple cakes that just have the BEST most comforting faces. The cakes have a loaf-like vibe, and they often post pics of the pets that inspired the cakes. I tried to find ONE measly photo of the cakes cut, but I couldn’t – I just love seeing a cake being cut!

happy puppy house cake

Want to make a pup?

I made this ol’ Happy Puppy House dog cake using a 7 inch round three layer chocolate cake frosted with vanilla buttercream – then I halved the cake, plopped it down onto my Xenia Taler bamboo party plate and then frosted away! First I made a crumb coat, then placed it in the freezer to chill for about fifteen minutes. Then I applied the final coat of vanilla buttercream and gave it a gentle smoothing with a cake bench scraper. I put the cake in the freezer again while I prepared the coloured buttercream.

happy puppy house dog cake

Rainbow Time

To add rainbow paint-like smears to your Happy Puppy House cake, make sure your white frosted cake is well chilled. Add a few tablespoons of buttercream into three small bowls and tint each a different colour. Using a small offset spatula, add smears of coloured buttercream, then use your cake bench scraper to smooth it flat. I used a tiny amount of black fondant to make the kawaii face, but you could use cut up candy or you could pipe the face using buttercream! This rainbow pup is plant-based – I used my favourite Miyoko’s butter for the buttercream. Hot tip about Miyoko’s – look for it on sale, then purchase in bulk like a maniac, like me, and freeze it!

If you like rainbow animal cakes, you may enjoy my OG rainbow caticorn cake – when two animal species join together to create something extra wonderful. Maybe you like cabbage cakes – this one by one of my faves, Sprinkle Bakes, is very a-peeling. Happy baking, cake pals! xo Lyndsay

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  1. Monica

    I love this! Such an easy way to make a different type of cake using a regular cake pan. I’m definitely going to try this out next cake I make. I love your dog version, he’s adorable :D

    1. Lyndsay // Coco Cake Land

      Aw thanks Monica! You could make a pair of pups simply by cutting your regular sized round cake in two!! Make sure the cake is nice and cold from the fridge first, before slicing in half – it will make it much easier. :)

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