Happy Ruffly Pink Weekend!

This cake reminds me of a ruffle-puff pink bathing cap that perhaps a lovely, languid synchronized swimmer would wear gliding her way through a flowery water dance, or a cute little furry pillbox hat on top of a stylish head of sleek hair. There was a time when I used to dress crazier than I do now. Now my style is much more mellow. I think I will dress crazy one day again – when I’m an old Chinese lady with silvery white grey hair cut into an angular haircut, wearing a giant avant-garde blazer and a super weird and expensive pair of interesting Italian-made eyeglasses. That’s how I’ve always imagined I would look when I’m old. But hey, maybe I’ll just be wearing green flannelette jogging pants and a really comfortable, warm sweater with an even warmer, more comfortable sweater vest on top of that.

Back to the cake – I love this cake!! A 9 inch round beauty, with tinted-pink interior vanilla cake layers, raspberry jam and light pink buttercream exterior. Doug ordered this for his girlfriend Azita’s 26th birthday… pretty great!

Happy Birthday Azita! Hope you loved your ruffle cake.

7 Responses to “Happy Ruffly Pink Weekend!”

  1. geekstitching.com

    The cake looks absolutely wonderful!

    xoxo Kim

  2. kit and nancy.

    love your work. you continue to inspire me!

  3. Brandy L

    beautiful cake! your designs are always flawless!

  4. Georgia

    What tip did you use to make the ruffles? It’s really pretty.

  5. Melissa

    Oh yeah! Totally looks like the ruffly pink bathing cap! LOVE it! So pretty :)

  6. Anora


    Thats really a good idea to celebrate the ruffy pink weekend..Its a really great idea…

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  7. Melissa B

    I’m in love with this cake. its so beautiful!


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