Hip Hop: Bunny Cake + Pink Cupcake Buddies

Gad sometimes it’s so hard to let these cake friends go. Pretty much fell in love with this orange buck toothed party animal bunny cake and matching pink bunny cupcake buddies that I made for the adorable little girls Sapphira and Nyla! Don’t you love how specific little kids can be? Orange bunny?? Amazing. Ahhh I love kiddos!

Thank you so much Dimithra for such a fun order! So fun to create something for your girls once again.

xo Lyndsay

3 Responses to “Hip Hop: Bunny Cake + Pink Cupcake Buddies”

  1. molly yeh

    i am having a cute attack!!!

  2. Coco Cake Land

    @molly – ahhh thank you!! xo

  3. chaoslady

    oh, the bunny cake has a beautiful color and the cupcakes with the carrots are great…


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