Kai & Xian’s Toy Story & Sanrio Birthday Cupcakes!

Corrine contacted me nice and early with a request for her two cuties’ double birthday bash: A Toy Story themed cake and matching cupcakes for Kai, and Sanrio themed cupcakes for Xian! Coco Cake enjoys a creative challenge so of course I said “sure!!!” and… I adore Sanrio characters, as I’ve mentioned many times before on my blog… having grown up with all the old-school characters, such as Little Twin Stars, My Melody, Hello Kitty (of course!) and my personal fave, Tuxedo Sam (the penguin)!

Then, the kicker – I got the CUTEST card in the mail from Kai and Xian. It murdered me with its cuteness. So with each passing hour as I slaved away (heehee!) on the fondant cupcake toppers, I thought of that little card and got excited to make these kids the cutest cakes ever…

Thanks Corrine for the fun order, and great to meet Kai and Xian in person! :)

9 Responses to “Kai & Xian’s Toy Story & Sanrio Birthday Cupcakes!”


    These are too fun!!

  2. apparentlyjessy

    Oh Lyndsay, your cupcakes always make me so happy! How funny it is how uplifted I feel just to see some gorgeous, cute and perfect cupcakes! LOVE the Hello Kitty ones of course!

  3. callie

    Obsessed – The only word I can think of to describe how I feel towards your blog. You’re creations are amazing.

  4. cupcakecrazy

    AMAZING! You are so talented and i love your blog.Unfortunatly i live in england so wont ever be able to see your creations in the flesh. Could you tell me what you make the characters out of, sugar gum paste or royal icing?:)

  5. Unplanned Cooking

    Love those cupcakes! You are amazingly talented.

  6. Brandy L

    Luv it! Great cupcakes and the toy story characters are bang on! Great job.

  7. lyndsay

    Thanks so much everyone!

    I Bleed Pink! Thanks!

    Jessy, thanks for the sweet comment! Always appreciated. :)

    Hi Callie! Thanks so much… :)

    Cupcake Crazy, the characters are made of fondant, so sugar paste, not sugar gum paste. Gum paste dries like a rock and is basically inedible… Thanks for visiting!

    Thank you Unplanned Cooking!

    Thanks Brandy! I appreciate it!! :)

  8. Pretty. Good. Food.

    Everything you create is beautiful. These are particularly adorable :)

  9. lyndsay

    thank you Pretty Good Food!!! ^__^


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