Kensie’s 100 Day Chinese Banquet!

Did you know I am a fourth generation Chinese Canadian? My grandma (Poh poh) even grew up only a few blocks from where I live now in Vancouver! Pretttty cool. Even though my family has been in Canada for generations, we of course still do some Chinesey/superstitious-y things. For my niece Kensie, my parents threw her a 100 day party at a Chinese restaurant here in Vancouver! Red eggs, pickled ginger and a 10 course feast with many family members and friends helped welcome Kensie into the world. My sis Shelley, Kensie’s mama, requested vanilla cupcakes with a pink rosette top, so I made 150+ of these pretty little cupcakes in honour of Kensie!

So many of my favorite people came out to part-ay with us, and above is a selection of pics of some of them enjoying their Coco Cake cupcakes!!

The last pic is of the cutie Kensie herself– chillin’ in her puffy bear suit at the end of the night!

11 Responses to “Kensie’s 100 Day Chinese Banquet!”

  1. Snooky doodle

    how cute! nice cupcakes I m sure Kensie was happy :) this is the link to my new blog . I changed name.

  2. confetti

    so pretty! Kenzie is just so CUTE!!!!!

  3. lyndsay

    –thanks natalie! i like your new blog!

    –amy, AIYEEEE isn’t she the cutest!!!!

  4. Brandy L

    Wow gorgeous! How did you make the icing look like a rose?

  5. Tia

    awesome cupcakes!!! i just stumbled upon ur blog.

  6. lyndsay

    thanks brandy and tia!

    brandy, send me an email at! :)

  7. Ashley Brooke

    great job! I love them!!! I have been wanting to try this and you have just motivated me to do so!

    hope u have a good day,

  8. SweetThingsTO

    Gorgeous roses!

  9. laura mitchell.

    lovely as always!

  10. lyndsay

    thank you internet friends ashley, juanita and laura!! :)

  11. jan

    What a lovely tradition! And of course beautiful rose cupcakes and family! Kenzie is adorable!


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