Life Is Rad: Wedding Cakes For Scott + Natalie!


Love is a beautiful thing. I’m not just talking husband and wife love. I’m talking family love, friendship love. The love of a chocolate eclair. Wife and wife love, and husband and husband love. The love of your children, your pets. Your record collection, and the love of a tart and icy frozen yogurt. The love of perhaps three beautiful buttercream cakes like these. But most importantly today: celebrating the love of Scott and Natalie, two of the very raddest people who found each other, started to date, formed a deep bond and love, then married each other, with the tiny help of:

1. A Korean and a Chinese, who obsessively like to set up their friends;

2. A video of a very excellent female skateboarder named Elissa Steamer!


Yeah! My pal Christa and I set up these two cuties! We have this pretend thing we call “Cupid’s Club Asia” where we try intensely (but really casually to the potential candidates) to match-make some of our pals. Kind of like “It’s Just Lunch” without the pantsuits. One night Christa came over to our place for dinner and I happened to ask her if there were any pro female skaters, because, I’m a feminist and I like to know these things. So she showed me a video of Elissa Steamer ripping it extremely hard. I thought, woh she’s so cool! She reminds me of my friend Natalie!

Yeah. You know what happened next. We went to F-book, looked up Natalie, freaked out with excitement because we thought she’d be perfect casual times match for our dear pal Scott.



Blast forward several months. Scott and Natalie hit it off like a UNICORN and a RAINBOW. Then this happens – the cutest tiny church in Fort Langley, BC puts the cutest sign ever up outside on their signage board. I kind of deeply want a signage board like this outside my house. Except the drunks from the park would urinate on it and it would get spray-painted with anarchist symbols. So no. I digress; here’s the sign:


Oh, and for this righteously excellent occasion.. you know it! I made three buttercream beauty wedding cakes and a bevy of cupcakes! I was so thrilled with how the cakes turned out, as you can tell by the boatload of photographs.



Vanilla cake with rainbow cake layers and white chocolate lettering. Unicorn cake topper drawn by Scott!


Pink vanilla buttercream cake with raspberry jam filling and fresh berries! Aiyee, so cute!

buttercream wedding cakes - coco cake land


My R and my little T both helping to set up, and coming to party at the wedding! R and Scott  are both sweet pals, and they play in the same band: the heavy, excellent group Womankind!


I just loooove those chocolate letters! I used my silicone alphabet letter mold for it.


Dark chocolate cake with chocolate ganache and blackberry jam filling and fresh berries – the vegan cake of the bunch! I want a slice right now. I’m not a major horn-tooter but I’m going to give myself an R.Kelly “beep beep” for this cake – it was damn fine.


Here’s Christa, my super good pal (we actually just refer to each other as Korea and China) and very excellent cake-slicing machine! Well-oiled Korean dessert cutting master!


Dorkfest 2014 posing with my cakes!


The outside of the tiniest cutest church. We all got to ring the bell afterward! FUN.


T eating some snacks in church. He’s also wearing a little bow tie from Forage Haberdashery!


The church had this small, lovely well-kept yard and playground; so pastoral.


TIRE SWING! Who can resist a rusty dirty old tire swing!


My dudes. Sorry Scott and Natalie if you heard Teddy saying “cheese toast” or “fishies” or “Joel” during the ceremony!


Handsome little blondie Henry, my friends Robin and Brady‘s son. Robin is one of the creative geniuses behind Windy & Friends. 


Hello there, newly married beautiful couple! I adore Natalie’s vintage wedding dress! (Plus, she usually wears jeans and rides a motorbike, so this was extra sweet!)


Hello there, beautiful idyllic setting with hangy-down pretty yellow fragrant flowers.


Hello there, sweet and goofy couple!


And a kiss seals the deal. Scott and Natalie, I wish you a lifetime of love, happiness, health and good times. SO happy to be your friend and to have celebrated with you on your super special day. You both truly are RAD. xo Lyndsay

19 Responses to “Life Is Rad: Wedding Cakes For Scott + Natalie!”

  1. Brandi

    True delight!

    Welcome to Hell! (Steamer Ruler Reference.)

    1. Lyndsay // Coco Cake Land


  2. Emily

    I love this post! you have the best word expressions :-P looks like the sweetest wedding. And as per ususal, the cakes look fricken awesome!

    1. Lyndsay // Coco Cake Land

      thanks so much emily!! always so nice when you stop by the blog! ^__^

  3. steph

    i NEED to eat all your cakes. plus, how cute are you with your love matching! sigh. true love and cakes. what more do you need?!

    1. Lyndsay // Coco Cake Land

      haha! oh we will have a cake eating FEAST one day. xo

  4. Jacquee @ I Sugar Coat It!

    This is such a deliciously sane break from the madness that has become weddings. The venue reminds me of a little place called The Doctor’s House in Kleinberg. It also has a teeny-tiny chapel and beautifully manicured grounds. I’m all about match-making friends, as well. :)

    1. Lyndsay // Coco Cake Land

      aw thank you, jacquee! i agree – there was such a nice, relaxed and community vibe to this special wedding! ooh i am definitely going to look up the place you mention … thank you for stopping by, nice to see you here!! xo

  5. Nancy @ gottagetbaked

    Lyndsay, this is both cake- and wedding-porn for me. I LOVE IT. Every photo is just absolutely gorgeous (you are a food photography master. I can never take photos this beautifully). Heheheheh, China & Korea. That’s awesome. And I love how you ladies did such an incredible job with the matchmaking (my attempts in the past have been a bit horrific so I’ve hung up my matchmaking cape). Your dudes are waaaaaay good-looking (nice job!).

    1. Nancy @ gottagetbaked

      Oops, I forgot to mention how hard I’m digging the “Rad” sign and the unicorn on top of that cake. You rock.

    2. Lyndsay // Coco Cake Land

      aw you are too kind nancy!! ^__^ thank you… i do love photographing cakes!! actually my pal Korea, this is her SECOND match which ended in a marriage!! not bad at all!! :) haha…. and thank YOU for the kind comments on the RAD sign and unicorn cake topper – the topper was made by the groom! :)

  6. Neha

    Your pictures are so lovely and the cakes! I’d have trouble not diving right in ; )

    1. Lyndsay // Coco Cake Land

      ooh it was tempting, neha!! the chocolate cake with ganache, i just want a piece right now… haha! thank you!! xo

  7. Michelle @ MakeMeCake.Me

    What a fun post to read! Sounds like a wonderful couple and great friends making super great memories :) Cake question time! Did you cover your cake boards here and if so, how did you cover them? What’s your go-to for covering cake boards? They look uncovered, simply plain white, which I like. That said, when I leave them uncovered, butter grease marks show up. Tx for your cakey wisdom!

    1. Lyndsay // Coco Cake Land

      hi michelle! thank you! these have a grease-proof coating on them – they’re from BRP Box Shop. however, i often do cover my cake boards with a thick craft paper and so far i’ve been decently lucky to avoid the buttercream grease marks although they do show up sometimes!

  8. diana murray

    Congratulations to you both. Our Stephen has a beard just like yours.
    Hugs diana

  9. Darren Maxwell

    Congratulations Scott. I have not seen you since the care free days of Brooke Road. I wish you and your beautiful Bride Natalie a life time of happiness…..Awesome beard :)

  10. Robin

    I somehow missed this awesome, awesome post! These cakes were goooooood. Such a sweet wedding, too.

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