My Buddy The Purple Pup – Purple Dog Cake!

If you are a reader of this here cake factory blog, you are well aware of how much I LOVE ANIMAL CAKES! It’s hard for me to stop from just petting the daylights out of their cute little faces and sitting them on my lap on the couch.

I made this furry purple vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream cake pup for the gorgeous ladies of… I wanted to say “wrestling” there for a second. Yes, I was a big fan of WWF wrestling when I was a kid, and subsequently GLOW (Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling). No, I never wanted to be a wrestler… but I think it was the spectacle, costumes and drama that drew me in as a 9-year-old! Tomboy!!! So yes anyways I made this cake for the gorgeous ladies of Vitamin Daily Vancouver!

Sometimes I wonder if I should ditch all the other cake styles I make and just stick to only animals? What do you think? I know that’s really squeezing myself into a crazy sliver-of-a-niche: Cakes That Look Like Animals.

I dream of other businesses, too… how long will I make cakes for, I wonder? I’ve always been an A.D.D. type of person when it comes to jobs. However I do love what I do and it’s the people I make cakes for who make it all the more special… it’s wonderful to receive an email the next day from a happy mom, or a beautiful and happy bride! Joy!

For now I will stick to cakeing… but I’m always sort of wondering… what’s around the corner…?

7 Responses to “My Buddy The Purple Pup – Purple Dog Cake!”

  1. karen

    Was just telling Erin how much I love your blog and your vision. I made a cake for a cakewalk, based on this doggie, and it worked out really well. I of course told everyone where the inspiration came from …

    I love all of your cakes and I never want you to stop making the huge variety you churn out so … don’t stop!!!

  2. ruth

    I love your doggy cakes – brilliant as always!

  3. Jan | Poppytalk

    so cute!

  4. Vlaďka

    your doggy cake is amazing. I love this color! Beautiful blog and pictures.
    Bye Vlaďka

  5. Callie {Rawxy}

    I’m definitely a silent follower of your blog – But, I just LOVE everything you do! It’s like design + food, and, I freaking love that! If only I lived in the area…

  6. Anonymous

    NEVER NEVER stop cakeing! I enjoy your cupcake pics and blog sooo much :)
    But if you ever stop, will you teach me all you know? lol.

  7. Robin + Judith

    I love the shaggy dogs so much. They’re really cover worthy…



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