My Teddy’s First Birthday Party! Dog Themed Party!

I’ve been dreaming about Teddy’s 1st birthday party, oh, since probably the week he was born! Maybe even before he was born? Not in a psycho hose beast way… just in the way in which I love dreaming of ideas and parties… I remember just wondering so much who this little boy would be… while he was still a big old bump in my belly I would lie there and wonder who he was or what he might look like or what his personality would be. What would he be into by the time he was one year of age!?? That seemed soooo far away.

Once Teddy was born, and the days, weeks and months unfolded and flew by like I could never imagine time blazing by, Teddy’s little personality began to emerge. Now, at almost one year of age, he’s a sweet, funny, mega energetic, scrunchy-faced, curious, good natured, chatty, mischievous and adorable little half-chinese gloworm. I love him beyond anything I knew before. And he’s super into DOGS.

So a dog themed party it was! It turned out super fun… and best of all, Teddy rocked his party hard, so pumped on his balloons and the new decorations around the house, drooling and laughing and scrunchy-facing and screeching and smiling his way through, delighted by his fellow miniature guests and his cousins and family, confused by all the people and the Happy Birthday singing but he took it all in stride like the social, sweet and hilarious little guy he is. The party was all I dreamed it would be, full of family, friends and love for our little Teddy!

Happy Birthday Teddy! Love you more than anything in the whole world!

16 Responses to “My Teddy’s First Birthday Party! Dog Themed Party!”

  1. Lisa Denise

    So lovely.

    Lisa x

  2. lyndsay

    thank you so much, lisa denise! ^__^

  3. faithy

    Your boy is so cute! Happy Birthday to Teddy! :D

  4. lyndsay

    awww… thanks so much faithy! ^__^

  5. reread

    super cool cake!

  6. chaoslady

    Belated happy birthday to Teddy! Hi is cute!

  7. chaoslady

    Belated Happy Birthday to Teddy! Hi is cute!

  8. lyndsay

    thanks reread!!

    thanks chaoslady! ^__^

  9. sharon garofalow

    What an adorable party!! I love your happy birthday banner and all the fringe garlands. He’s adorable and is lucky to have a mom who is so creative and talented!

  10. lyndsay

    aww thank you so much, sharon!! likewise to you and your insanely awesome birthday parties for your kids!!! ^__^

  11. Jan Halvarson

    Aw – so adorable (sorry I’m so late to the party)! What a lucky little boy to have such a creative Mom!

  12. lyndsay

    awww thanks so much jan!! ^__^ it was so fun, and i loved crafting it up for it!

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    Happy b’day cutie. beautiful cake..

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  14. lyndsay

    aw thanks @customcakesinpune :)

  15. Karen Reid-Mogford

    You guys are so damned cute!

  16. lyndsay

    @karen, thank you so much! :)


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