Pretty As A Peacock Wedding Cupcakes

peacock themed cutting cake for wedding!

peacock themed wedding cake and cupcakes!

Nadine and Adrian were just the sweetest, nicest and cutest couple. I will hopefully add some photos of their gorgeous and lovingly designed actual wedding soon, both their wedding outfits were incredible… but for now, here are the cakes I made for their beautiful Sunday evening wedding party here in Vancouver! The buzz and excitement was felt in the room when I came to set up the cakes… peacock themed with a 20’s meets 50’s twist. The early evening sun was peering in to Heritage Hall, everyone smiling and in perfect and excited moods!

I loved how the cakes turned out: Brown Velour (dark chocolate with vanilla creamcheese frosting) in blue, green and damask cupcake liners, and two tone peacock-colored vanilla cupcake rosettes to echo the design of the decor and colour theme of the event. Nadine dropped off peacock feathers for me to use in the cutting cake, so I trimmed and washed them and used them as toppers, along with a little handmade flag, some ribbon and a craft paper covered cake board!

Ah, love! Peacock themed love!!

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  1. Cashmere 'n Cotton

    That color blue is amazing and I just adore the peacock feathers. Nice touch!

  2. cArLa

    love the colors!

  3. kim @ stellacake

    oh so pretty!

  4. Kimberley

    I love how you get the mixed colours in the cupcake frosting. Just gorgeous!!

  5. Lunacafe

    Stunning, elegant! Bravo! …Susan

  6. Shannon Fricke

    They look too good to eat!

  7. Melissa

    WOW! This is gorgeous! You must be a genius.

    (I just bought an Ice cream maker and am following your ice cream blog. Again, more genius!)

  8. jan


  9. second storie


  10. Molly

    how did you mix the frosting colors on the cupcakes? did you layer the frosting? gorgeous work!!

  11. Superkitina

    Absolutely fantastic!

  12. lyndsay

    Thank you so much everyone!

    Hey Molly, you can email me at!


  13. confetti

    This cake is unreal. It’s breath taking!



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