Pink + Purple Ruffle Heart Cake

purple and pink ruffle heart cake

purple heart ruffle cake

Have you ever had your heart broken? It really does make your chest hurt. Physiologically it’s probably shock, stress, anxiety and subsequent acid reflux – heart burn! Or maybe it really is just that horrible pain of having your heart figuratively ripped out. And falling in love gives you that giddy flutter, of a gaggle of butterflies flittering around in your stomach – excitement, hope, and that deep longing for that other person! The feeling that everything is good in the world, and love is real. I think that must be where the world started in co-opting the heart as the official symbol of love.

purple and pink ruffle heart cake

Speaking of hearts – I really liked how this ruffly buttercream two tone pink and purple heart cake turned out – requested by Alissa for her little Eva’s 4th birthday party!

A note from Eva’s mom Alissa:

“The cake was AMAZING! You should have seen Eva’s face when I gave her a sneak peek before the party.”

Now that is too darn cute.

Yep, heart day is coming! And here at Coco Cake Land I’ll be slamming out some seriously cute and heart-y cake tutorials! If you love hearts, you’re in luck – if you hate hearts, I hope you don’t barf too much over all the love that’ll be flowing round these parts soon!
Happy Friday, cake friends.

LOVE, Lyndsay ^__^

8 Responses to “Pink + Purple Ruffle Heart Cake”

  1. HelloSweetcheeks

    awww! So cute! I love the colors :D

  2. Coco Cake Land

    thanks so much! :)

  3. Jan Halvarson

    Wow – now that’s some purpley goodness!


  4. chaoslady

    Dear Lyndsay,
    also this cake is wonderfully pretty. I think once that Eva loved this cake.
    But when I saw him, I thought of cacti. Do you know Mammillaria? This cactus has beautiful pink flowers … (

  5. Coco Cake Land

    @jan – ha, thank you!! xo

    @chaoslady – ahh cacti! very cool! thanks for the link – yes, the flowers are lovely!! xo

  6. farzana hossain

    I am a big fan. Your cakes are so awesome that it has inspired me to bake. Here is a peek to my first chocolate cake…

    Your cakes are super fun.Love you!

  7. Erika Lee @ A Tiny Rocket

    That cake is darling! perfect for Valentine’s Day

  8. Coco Cake Land

    @farzana aw thank you so much! that is such a sweet note! :)


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