Pretty Engagement Party Sugar Flower Topped Cupcakes

One of my very best friends, the one and only Amy P, got engaged on a recent trip to Mexico with her awesome guy, Stephen! Hooray! It only seemed right to throw her a special little engagement party, complete with pretty-bottled champagne, mini chocolate ganache cupcakes and salted black licorice, Amy’s fave.

Aren’t those little royal icing flowers so cute? They prettify absolutely anything. You could put them on a meatball and serve them at a tea party, that’s how cute those little flowers are!!

Congratulations Burgertime!

xo Lyndsay

15 Responses to “Pretty Engagement Party Sugar Flower Topped Cupcakes”

  1. jan

    oh my goodness! these are so awesome looking! that ganache is so shiny! lucky friend!

  2. Post Grad Hair Cut

    oh yum! These are so delightful! I’ll take a flower-topped meat ball.

  3. The Food Librarian

    Beautiful! That ganache is shiny. shiny. shiny!

  4. Snooky doodle

    Pretty cupcakes!! I m curious about he salted liquorice. How do you use it in cupcakes???

  5. Jeanee

    OMG! Where did you get that gray cake stand?!?

    I LOVE gray.

    Cupcakes look super fancy!!!

  6. lyndsay

    oh thank you jan! :)

    sam, haha… 1 flower topped meatball coming your way…

    thank you mary! :)

    natalie, no salted licorice in the cupcakes– just in a little fancy bowl to snack out of!

    hi jeanee, the stand is actually white, but the contrast of the photo makes the stand look a bit grey. i LOVE grey myself! i would love a grey stand… !!

  7. dot and dash

    I just sat for about an hour looking at all your beautiful cakes and cupcakes! I LOVE your stuff, it’s adorable!

  8. rachel

    Mmmm. These look delightful.

  9. lyndsay

    hi dot and dash! thanks for exploring Coco Cake World!!

    thanks rachel!


  10. Little Miss Cupcake

    wow, that ganache is gorgeous! great blog – i’m adding you to my blogroll.

  11. lyndsay

    thanks little miss cupcake! :)

  12. kodi_jo

    I love love love those little flowers on top!

  13. lyndsay

    thanks kodi!! so cute and pretty and feminine..!

  14. Dedi Wijaya

    The recipe please!

  15. lyndsay

    Hey @Dedi, i use this Martha Stewart recipe and it works well:


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