Pretty Pistachio Rosewater Cupcakes!

burgertime! my best friend! :)

For my BFF Amy’s birthday, she dropped a hint a few months ago that she was dying to try these pistachio rosewater vegan cupcakes from the great book Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World. My hubby was a vegan for four years… until he met meeeee, of course! He always tells this story of how when we first started dating, he came out to a family birthday event and I forced him to eat cake because I said it would be rude not to eat it!! I was the rudie! Sorry honey!! I have a better understanding of people’s personal food choices now! Haha…

No worries now, because now my hubby eats cheese like there’s no tomorrow. Haha. And even fish. Tough to be married into my family without being lured into Chinese We Eat Everything Land!!

Okay back to these cute cupcakes! It was my first time using rosewater. Hoooo boy that is STRONG stuff! The recipe called for 1-2 TABLESPOONS of the stuff for 1 dozen cupcakes. Since I was making 1 dozen cupcakes and a small cake, I was like… OKEY DOKEY I’ll just plop in 4 tablespoons. WOW! For those who love the taste of flowers in their food, (I think a sophisticated or complex palette!) go with lots of rosewater. Thankfully at Amy’s party the crowd loved the cupcakes. I thought my rosewater addition may have overpowered the smokey toasted pistachio and fragrant cardamom. Next time I will double the cardamom, and halve the rosewater! And maybe even add a little honey somehow to finish it.

I must say, the texture and fluffiness of this vegan recipe was totally tops. Would definitely make these again, and am excited to try other recipes from this book!

Happy Birthday Burgertime!!

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  1. Jennywenny

    Mmm, I have that book and they sound lovely, I’ve always wanted to do something with rosewater.

    One thing, which you probably already know is that some vegans dont eat honey…

  2. confetti

    well they certainly pleased my palatte! Thanks Frosty!


  3. lyndsay

    –whoops i forgot jennywenny! haha… if i made nonvegan ones though i’d likely add a bit of honey… :)

    –yay burgertime!! :)

  4. l'oeuf qui chante

    Pistachio is my favourite flavour and I’ve never thought about using it for cupcakes! That’s a great idea, thanks a bunch :)

  5. lyndsay

    hi singing egg!! don’t thank me, thank the lovely people behind the recipe book for this recipe! but, pistachio is such a lovely flavour, it’s true!!!


  6. Robinson Fine Food

    These sound fantastic, I love cardamon.

    I remember the first, and perhaps only, time I used rosewater; I was probably 18 or 19 and having a little dinner party. The desert was a gooseberry rosewater tart. After spending hours pushing the gooseberries through a fine sieve I decided the meager measure of rosewater would just be lost, so I added a bit more…then a bit more…and just a dash more. The finished tart had more in common with a bar of soap than the sophisticated finale I had envisioned.

  7. lyndsay

    hi brian! haha, thank you so much for sharing that fellow baker’s mishap story… yes, one must tread lightly when using rosewater… ! :)

  8. gyoza*girl

    hi coco cake! funny story about RT and very pretty looking cupcakes. glad everyone loved them! :)
    happy belated bday AP!

  9. lyndsay

    thanks sis!! aka gyoza girl!! :)

  10. Jac

    I made some rosewater cupcakes the other day (not very attractive, but yum) as I had some leftover from the Turkish Delight cocktails we had at Christmas. Try this: 45ml Vanilla vodka, 30ml white creme de cacao, 10ml rosewater. Yum! I wonder if you’ve tried rosewater in ice-cream yet? Might be interesting…

    Your cakes are amazing, and the photography/presentation always makes me come back just to browse, over and over again!

  11. Superkitina

    Love, love, love your blog and your styilish cupcakes! You are so special!

  12. sprinkles

    Love these beautiful cupcakes, they’d be perfect for a young woman, so have included it in our top 25!


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