Raspberry Buttercream Cake

raspberry buttercream birthday cake

My grandma celebrated her 91st birthday on September 14th. Ninety one years old, guys. Can you imagine living that long? My grandma, who we call Poh-poh, was born and raised here in Vancouver, BC – born in a house just a few blocks from where I live now. Poh-poh was the one who gave me my pink Kitchen Aid stand mixer for a wedding present. With that stand mixer I started my baking career, and with that stand mixer 6 years later I made her this frilly ruffly raspberry buttercream cake.

raspberry buttercream birthday cake

When you get to be in your 90s, you’ve seen so much of the world. Your dear friends, your family members, your husband or wife, people pass on and the world changes rapidly around you and you are still going. I think about my Poh-poh and how her bones, her heart, her kidney, lungs, everything is 91! Even though she looks frail and walks slow as molasses and can be scarily forgetful, to me she is still made of steel. When you get to 91 you’ve seen a lot of things in your life.

lynday and poh poh with birthday cake

This is my dear Poh-poh and I, where I showed her the cake I made her. She still rocks her silk shirts and dress suits, still dyes her hair and gets perms. She’s known to be ornery, kind-hearted and with a wicked sense of humour. She embodies an era of ladylike behaviour and manners. She is our connection to the past. I think of her mind like a vault with all the stories and memories tucked away of our family’s history here in Vancouver, and of her own life and emotions and experience.

I joked with her that she only had nine more years to go before the big 100 – she scoffed at me and she said this would be her last birthday – which freaked me out a bit. Each birthday we celebrate with her, I know I must treasure the time I have left with my Poh-poh.

I know we can’t live forever.

8 Responses to “Raspberry Buttercream Cake”

  1. Jan Halvarson

    Aw, so sweet Lyndsay. Happy Birthday to her! Makes me miss my Grandmas.

  2. Coco Cake Land

    Oh thank you Jan!

    I feel blessed to still have her in my life. xo

  3. Kathleen Ballos

    What a lovely summary of what sounds was like a beautiful day! And of course your raspberry cake looks amazing!

  4. Sarah Crowder (punctuated. with food)

    So sweet :)

  5. Melanie

    I want to make this cake right now. And I also want the stand. Where from?

  6. Coco Cake Land

    @kathleen – thank you! xo

    @sarah – thank you so much! :)

    @melanie – the stand is from “potluck studio” – bought a few online a few years ago on a mad cake stand binge!!! ^__^

  7. Neha

    The sweetest post : )

  8. Coco Cake Land

    @neha – thanks so much! xo


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