Roxanne & Laura’s Lavender + Green Rosette Wedding!

My fellow Canadians – we live in a pretty amazing country, don’t we? I thank the stars every day for being able to live in my city of Vancouver, having a job I love (every job has their bad days, don’t get me wrong!), surrounded by both serene nature and sparkly metropolis, amongst close family and dear friends, with food to eat, a roof over my head and people to love. Yes, I am a lucky woman.

Roxanne and Laura decided Vancouver wasn’t half-bad either – they traveled all the way from New York, bringing along their close family and friends, to be with them as they tied the knot in our fair city on a sunny day in September! For their quaint reception at Seasons In The Park, I made a tower of pretty two-toned vanilla buttercream rosette cupcakes and dark chocolate with chocolate buttercream in their wedding colours of pale lavender and light green. Pretty cute! And lookit that view… I must say, Seasons In The Park , the restaurant on the hill in Queen Elizabeth Park, has some of the nicest and most helpful staff around. I just want to give a little shout-out to them! Also thanks to Dreamgroup Productions, who did a lovely job of making the wedding come together.

And to Roxanne and Laura, many congratulations and all the best in your new married life together!

4 Responses to “Roxanne & Laura’s Lavender + Green Rosette Wedding!”

  1. Neha

    Love it! gorgeous cupcakes as always : )

  2. Alanna S.

    Lovely! Those colors swirl very nice together !

  3. lyndsay

    Thank you Neha and Alanna! :)

  4. Judith + Robin

    I love the enormous cupcake, that’s funny.


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