Spring Has Sprung: Instagram Lately

cherry blossoms against a blue sky

Spring has sprung! Spring thusfar has been a beautiful cakesplosion of baking and sunny days. I just love the mega huge white cherry blossomed tree next door that rains down its soft snowy petals into our yard and onto our heads. Can you spot the crow?

buttercream cake with sprinkles

Super simple sprinkle zone on a super simple but dare I say HEAVY vanilla buttercream cake!

pink cherry blossom tree in vancouver

I can smell the blooms from here. Double cherry blossom smelling trouble.

buttercream roses topped cake

Getting wild with colour palettes lately, guys!

rainbow of meringue kisses

Crunchy chewy colourful mini meringue kisses.

baby with watering can on grass

Watering can obsessed! The world is his watering oyster!

penguin cake

STOP THE CUTENESS if you dare on this penguin faced cake – it looks EXACTLY LIKE THE BABY it was made for! (Baby is human, not penguin)

polka dot cake slice

Sprinkly dotty explosion on a fun cake, coming soon!

rainbow jewel toned cake

Insanely gorgeous summery spring weather means ice cream and popsicle recipes are on its way on Coco Cake Land! Man I love this time of year. Lilacs are blooming, the scent of cherry trees fragrant at dusk, the sky lit longer each day. I’m so pumped for the month of May and beyond! With this sweet weather, we’ve been spending mad time at the park, slidin’ on slides, digging around in the sandbox with shovels and mini dumptrucks (a good step for my little T-bird, who cry-hated sand’s guts on our recent trip to Hawaii), and strolling the sunny streets like there’s no tomorrow. Yeah. May’s started off pretty darn good.

My favourite things this week: 

Frigging cutest use of cardboard and duct tape ever. Obviously I’d love this one – DIY play birthday cake by Mer Mag!

This faux chalkboard and paper flowers cake is right on trend. I was pumped to read about how it was done! Idea alert!

Consider The Lobster, guys. Revisiting this perfectly horrifying and hilarious crustacean themed essay thanks to a reminder from Joy The Baker!

I love meeting my online blogger pals in real life! Steph from I Am A Food Blog is not only very sweet, ultra talented and nice – but she has a BOOK coming out!

Speaking of blog pals … A Happy 2 Year Old Is My Fave by Melanie made me teary eyed with cuted-out tears. Sniff! I love being a mama!

Happy weekend, cake pals – do you have any sweet plans for the month of May? xo Lyndsay

2 Responses to “Spring Has Sprung: Instagram Lately”

  1. molly yeh

    your kiddo is the cutest!! also that cake with the cluster of flowers on top is gorgeous and inspiring. and of course that penguin cake… my school’s mascot was the penguin, so my mom got a ton of penguin things… if she had known about this cake, i’m sure i would have seen a recreation of it at some point during my college years ;)

    happy weekend and happy may to you!!!

    1. Lyndsay // Coco Cake Land

      aww! thanks so much molly! haha, penguin = school mascot! that is pretty darn cute. i am actually obsessed with MASCOTS! i love the idea of ’em! for a while there (ok probably still now) i thought it would be super fun to be a mascot. i performed in a squirrel costume once – i will totally send you the vid!!! ^__^

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