Tiger Cake, Tiger Cake, Burning Bright – Jackson’s 1st!

Holy cuteness, tigerman. The adorable little baby Jackson turned 1… with cakes galore! Jackson’s mom Grace contacted me months ago with a request: TIGER themed! Based on this really cute image she sent me of a tiger. So tiger cakes is precisely what I made! A super cute tiger cutting cake (based on the picture) and 48 matching tiger cupcakes in chocolate and vanilla flavours! I love the colour combination of orange and blue… so it made sense to do blue cupcake liners for maximum cuteness factor!

My favourite thing is when I get to meet the little buddies who I am making cakes for… and Jackson melted my cakey heart with cuteness! Happy happy birthday Jackson, and thank you Grace for having me be a part of his 1st birthday bash!

And speaking of babies… my sister Shelley had a baby girl on September 5!! Welcome to the world baby Brooklyn! I know you will be just as crazy-cute and hilarious as your big sis Kensie!

I’m now Auntie Coco Cake x 5!!!! That’s a lot of kiddie birthday parties!!!

7 Responses to “Tiger Cake, Tiger Cake, Burning Bright – Jackson’s 1st!”


    These are so cute! Congrats on the new addition to your family.

  2. Marj

    Lyndsay, this tiger cake is another perfectly simple and perfectly adorable creation. I love how you never over-do your cakes… just the right design every time. And, I agree with you – meeting the birthday boy or girl is always lots of fun!

  3. Therese

    Fantastic cakes!
    Congratulations on the arrival of your new family member.

  4. Neha

    Lovely colours, as always : )

  5. ricebabies

    So nice to see you the other day. Hopefully we bump into each other more often this year.

  6. 1st birthday cakes

    Really amazing work done on the cake. Jackson will love it and I also.

  7. lyndsay

    Thank you I Bleed Pink! ^__^

    Marj,you’re too sweet – thanks so much! Your cakes are wonderful too!

    Thanks kindly Therese!

    Thanks Neha! Hope all is well!

    Kellie, it was fun seeing you too! ^__^

    Thanks, Cake Junkie!


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