Totoro Birthday Cake and Totoro Party For Brody

Wahhh, how cute is my little nephew!? For his Totoro-themed very first birthday party, Coco Cake (also known as: L.K. Sung) worked super hard in preparing the 100 mini and regular sized cupcakes and very special fondant-covered, chocolate ganache and chocolate buttercream-filled cutting cake. Do you know Totoro? He is a very hilarious and majestic Japanese animated character who lives in a mythical forest. He flies around trees with his two other Totoro buddies and helps little children in distress. For the Totoro party, my sis requested chocolate cupcakes with chocolate buttercream topped with bright green fondant leaves, and vanilla cupcakes with blue vanilla buttercream topped with little acorns. Plus, a Totoro special cupcake for little Brody. But instead of a cupcake… I made Brody a crazy Totoro cake starring Totoro, blue Totoro, white Totoro, leaves, acorn and that little dustball character!

“Team Totoro” also went crazy with decorations: my sis Shelley, my husband Rich and I spent hours making felt decorations, including the cute orange felt “Happy 1st Birthday Brody” sign, the huge felt trees, branches and leaves, and the mini felt Totoros! Oooh and the custom cake stand I made, as pictured at the very top. This birthday was certainly crazy but a very fun project… and anything for our sis Leanne and our beloved little guy Brody!

Hope you had a Happy Happy Birthday little BB! We love you lots!

Love, Auntie Lyndsay

12 Responses to “Totoro Birthday Cake and Totoro Party For Brody”

  1. gyoza*girl

    Words can’t begin to describe the happiness and gratitude i have bursting from inside me towards the master baker/creator of Coco Cake Cupcakes (aka my baby sis Lynds) and my super-duper teacher/organizer sis Shel and Lynds’ one-of-a-kind husband Rich for their help in making Brody’s 1st birthday party the best TOTORO party EVER!!! And yes, those cupcakes and the adorable perfect cake TASTED as good as they look! :) Thank you! And Bro says Thanks aunties and uncle too!!

  2. Snooky doodle

    WOW how cute! It s all fantastic. I love the cake and the matching cupcakes. Happy birthday to your cute nephew :)

  3. The Food Librarian

    Amazing!!! So Cute!!!!

  4. lyndsay

    thanks all!!! i appreciate the comments!! it was soooo fun to create it all… !

  5. Abby

    Please visit my blog, there is an award for you ;)

  6. Snooky doodle

    Please vist my blog too , there s another award for you :)

  7. lyndsay

    thank you abby & natalie!!!

  8. Kevin

    Lyndsay congratulations on your new adventure! Your art is amazing and oh so delicious sounding too! -Shauna

  9. jj

    Lyndsay, these cupcakes are amazing! All your creations look so delightful, but I am particularly enamoured with the Totoro themed ones. Your nephew is one lucky little guy. The little acorns, the totoros are perched upon that cute cake… brilliant!

  10. lyndsay

    –thanks shauna!!

    –jang-a-lang! thanks dude– we miss you!

  11. Lyne

    Your craft is an inspiration!

  12. lyndsay

    thank you so much lyne! :)


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