Truman The French Bulldog Cake!

Scott secretly ordered this Truman dog faced cake for his wife Bobbi’s bowling birthday party… a rated-G affair, pizza and bowling, as Bobbi is pregnant and due this summer! So cute! Bowling and pizza was my number one fave birthday activity when I was a kid… can’t even remember the number of times I did that for my birthday party… Old Orchard Lanes 5-pin followed by Me n Ed’s at Middlegate mall, crisp pizza served on giant tin pans, and a wide window into the kitchen so you could watch your pizza being finger-handled by a pimply teen in a tomato-sauce covered apron, while we sipped on plastic opaque glasses of orange fountain soda on ice!

The Truman cake was coconut cake made with pure vanilla extract, shredded coconut, a touch of almond extract, some vanilla almond syrup, vanilla almond buttercream and toasted coconut in the middle!

Bobbi loved the cake… and you know a woman is well-loved when her husband surprises her with such a sweet and thoughtful and hilarious gift!

Facts known about Truman the French bulldog: Truman enjoys standing in the shower.

Truman lives with some very cute cats who beat on him senselessly if he sleeps near them.

Truman enjoys “swimming” across the carpet to Bobbi and Scott each morning.

Truman often rolls on his back barking at himself and pushes off the walls in the hallway.

Truman is ridiculously cute.

Happy Birthday Bobbi! Such an exciting year to come!

xo Lyndsay

12 Responses to “Truman The French Bulldog Cake!”

  1. Odin

    Omg I used to throw those party’s all the time too! Lol same locations too! Haha… Awesome cakes btw! I really want to get your custom creations done. Just don’t have any events with more than a dozen ppl haha

  2. Nohemí

    It’s so sweet!!! I would like to have one of your awesome cakes for my birthday. Could you come “on holidays” to Spain on April? Please!

  3. lyndsay

    Odin! No way! does Old Orchard Lanes still exist? I know Middlegate no longer looks as I remember… ie DESTROYED! i could use some Me n Eds pizza right now… even though it’s not quite 930am… ^__^

    Nohemi, oh i indeed would love to visit Spain… ! one day in the future!? ^__^

  4. Robin + Judith

    I love your bulldog cakes.


  5. Pretty Poodle

    so so so lovely ! ´( ◠ ᴥ ◠ )` 〜 ♡

  6. ricebabies

    It was good to see you yesterday.
    That cake is insane, it looks like a plush.

  7. lyndsay

    the bulldog cakes like you back, robin!!

    thanks pretty poodle! i am jealous of your self-formed poodle face emoticon! all i have is this: ^__^

    kellie, nice to see you today! don’t hug the cake too hard, ok! ^__^

  8. Alanna S.

    That is so adorable!

  9. Katie Yoon

    Wow! very adorable cake!! Great work!

  10. lyndsay

    Thank you Alanna!

    Thank you Katie! ^__^

  11. apparentlyjessy


  12. Brandy L

    WOW! The cake is amazing, awesome job!


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