Two Cakes – Modern Buttercream Cake + Good Earth Fairy Cake

I’m lucky. I have wonderful customers who like to bulk order and book in advance… cakes for all occasions! Bambs ordered a sweet little buttercream vintage-look cake for her husband to celebrate their wedding anniversary… and also ordered a cute Good Earth fairy cake and matching cupcakes for the adorable little Thea.

And I cannot write a post without saying this: GO CANUCKS GO!

The Vancouver Canucks, our city’s hockey team, are in the Stanley Cup Finals!! Read about a new tradition in our family – Victory Fei Fei Ice Cream Pie!

3 Responses to “Two Cakes – Modern Buttercream Cake + Good Earth Fairy Cake”

  1. Alanna S.

    So cute!

  2. lyndsay

    Thanks! ^__^

  3. chachucho

    I love everything on your blog especially the cakes. They’re really cute. I love your blog, one of my favorites! ^__^


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