Who Let The Dogs Out!

Yep. I did just call my post that. Woof!

How much did I love doing this hilarious sheep dog cake and cute little bulldog cupcakes? So much. Last year, Melissa ordered a “rat” cake for her best friend Tina’s birthday. This year, for Tina’s 30th, it was “dog” themed… ! Plus, they all went to Vegas. Not too shabby of a birthday, I must say!!

The sheepdog is actually a dark chocolate cake with chocolate ganache and chocolate buttercream underneath the furry white vanilla buttercream and fondant eyes, nose and tongue! The little bulldogs are Coco Chocolate, with fondant faces.

Get ready for a picture explosion below!

Kibbles n bitz and bitz and bitz.

“Hello…. are you even LISTENING to me, Sheepdawg??”

Close up detail of shaggy buttercream Sheepdog

Bulldog and party flag!

“It’s just me”

“I’m a different bulldog!”

Oh it was tough to say goodbye to this face.

“Must love dogs”

Sheepdog feeling a bit claustrophobic.

Side view!

“Just the four of us… ”

Loving these animals cakes! So fun.

Til next time, Coco Cake Land!

xo Lyndsay

17 Responses to “Who Let The Dogs Out!”

  1. Snooky doodle

    ha ha these are so cute. Really creative. I love the fury dog cake :)

  2. lyndsay

    thanks natalie!! i love doing buttercream fur. too fun.

  3. Danielle Lefrancois

    you are just amazing!!!! i love checking out your new creations!

  4. Anonymous

    Incredible as usual, Coco! This must take you a very long time to create, but the results are absolutely worth it!


  5. lyndsay

    Oh thank you so much Danielle! I appreciate it.

    Thanks Britt!! :)

  6. Amie

    AAAHHHHH so cute!

    Come open a shop in Los Angeles, I’ll be your number one customer!

  7. lyndsay

    haha! thanks so much amie! :)

  8. faithy, the baker

    sooo cute & adorable! cant get any cuter than these! :)

  9. Jennywenny

    so cute! I hope you managed to get your facebook page sorted, I saw your comment on flickr. Its so buggy and confusing there, I think I went to an admin page and put it in….

  10. gyoza*girl

    LOVE these! woof woof! :)

  11. lyndsay

    thanks so much faithy!!

    thanks j-wenn! i haven’t worked on it yet… but i will, thanks flickr pal!

    thanks sis!!

  12. Ellen

    I’ve looked through your blog quite a lot, and can I just say your designing is AMAZING!

    Loving the detail on the sheepdawg’s face, fur looks great.

    Good job!

  13. Ingrid

    these are so fantastic – but i have to be honest, if i got a cake like this i think i’d save it til it grew moldy.. it’s just too perfect to eat!

  14. lyndsay

    thanks ellen!

    ingrid, too hilarious… yes i know it would be tough to cut into this little guy’s face…!!! :)

  15. Christina

    This is the cutest thing I have EVER seen!

  16. lyndsay

    thank you Christina!! :)

  17. EDee

    love the bulldog and shaggy dog..awesome work…


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