Willy Wonka Candy Cake

willy wonka candy cake

willy wonka candy cake

I made this Willy Wonka candy cake a few months ago to help promote a video gaming app – and darn it, I thought it turned out so candy-cute! I’d never made a candy cake (made popular by my pal Katherine Sabbath – did you know I have an interview with her on my long-gone but maybe resurrected in the future cake column Sugar Crush?) – I’m always somewhat anal/minimal when it comes to topping my cakes with accoutrements so I played it very cool with this one. I didn’t want to overwhelm it and just slam a whole bunch of candy, willy-nilly, all over it. Every candy was placed in an anal-retentive way (cake design is the ONLY place I am type A. I am very casual and a highly tolerant person in general…)! How bout those golden Canadian chocolate loonies, eh?

willy wonka candy cake

Ahhh, candy. I love gummy candies more than I should, but I generally don’t even keep them around the house because I’ll just destroy them. However, GUMMY VITAMINS provide the same chew factor! Yes, I know I can only have a few at a time… dang it. What’s your candy kryptonite??  xo Lyndsay  

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  1. movita beaucoup

    I missed you. The interwebs is a better place with you here.

    1. Lyndsay // Coco Cake Land

      Aw. Thank you :P

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