Ziggy The Cat Starring In: Cat Cake!

Can we talk about best friends for a second? How lucky am I to count so many amazing people as dear friends. Kendra emailed me requesting a cake for her best friend Melissa’s birthday based on Melissa’s dear kitty Ziggy. Who am I to refuse a cat cake? I cannot! So happy to have made this Siamese cutie with the bright blue eyes.

You are only as rich as the great people who surround you, those who are your supporters til the end – friends, family, lovers. Happiness!

Thanks Kendra for the fun order and happy birthday Melissa!

xo Lyndsay

Ziggy the cat and his cake likeness from Melissa’s Instagram!

5 Responses to “Ziggy The Cat Starring In: Cat Cake!”

  1. farzana hossain

    I love the cat cake..exact twins :p

  2. thimble

    so cute! I like how you added a little flag too :-)

  3. Coco Cake Land

    @farzana – ahh thanks so much!

    @thimble – thank you! ^__^

  4. Kate

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  5. Kate

    So cute! How did you achieve that furry texture?


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