Pastel Painted Cake – Something Pretty To Gaze At

pastel painted cake

How ya doing? … I know. It’s the most innocuous, casual times question in the normal world. But we’re not in the normal world right now. I thought I’d post a cake from many months ago… just to post something pretty. Something to gaze at, something colourful! I hope you are all doing ok!

pastel painted cake

horse cake stand

A combination of abstract painted buttercream and “put it in your bag and pipe it” buttercream piping, a birthday cake I made for my mom’s good friend, back when you could celebrate birthdays and be together with no invisible threat of illness. Carefree cake-eating days, they were…

buttercream piping cake

put it in your bag and pipe it

Sending lots of love to all of you, and a hope that all of this may be better soon… xo Lyndsay 

My Dad’s 75th Birthday Sock Hop + Striped Buttercream Comb Cake!

striped rainbow cake

striped buttercream comb cake

striped buttercream cake cococakeland

I’m just a *few* months late in posting this striped buttercream comb cake duo of cakes… I made these back in late November for my beloved Dad’s 75th birthday party bash. My mom went wild and threw him a 1950s themed sock hop party centered around the family jukebox, seventy plus octogenarians (but young at heart and spritely octogenarians!!) crammed like sardines into their two bedroom condo!

striped buttercream comb cake

I frigging love stripes … I wear them practically every day… so of course I am very much into the striped cake trend that’s been ripping through the cake decorating world, hehe. My pal Elizabeth aka Sugar Hero has a great video on how to get those stripes! My stripes on these cakes are far from perfect but not tooooo shabby for my first try with my new bengal cake comb from Ester Cakes!

striped cakes duo

The raspberry topped cake was vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream and filled with raspberry jam! The peach-blue-purple cake was dark chocolate with vanilla swiss meringue buttercream.

mom and dad dancing

My mom Linda and dad Gerry! Celebrating fifty years of marriage too, this July… !

dad and lyndsay and cakes

My pops in his uniform – Hawaiian shirt! – with me and the cakes! I’ve made so many cakes for my wonderful Dad over the years!

mom and dad laughing

And I snapped this pic of my parents laughing hysterically, post-party … I hope I can continue to make Rich laugh this hard well into our 70s…! Once again (lol) Happy 75th birthday, Dad! Love you lots and so lucky to have you in our lives! xo Lyndsay 

Kawaii Pineapple Cake by Teddy!!

pineapple cake by teddy

Way back in November, I got a “surprise” for my birthday – Teddy made me the kawaii pineapple cake from my book! (with help from his dad, of course!) All week he kept saying “MOM do you want me to tell you what I’m giving you for your birthday??” ….It’s HARD for a six year old to keep a secret, especially when it involves my main place of work and all of my work tools, hehe.

pineapple wearing sunglasses cake

kawaii pineapple cake

kawaii pineapple cake

The speech bubble says “LOVE YOU MOM” ! I love how the pineapple stem and shades kinda looks like a cyberpunk mohawk with virtual reality glasses or something… !

coco cake land birthday

42 years old in my new sweater, a gift from Rich. NICE ONE, honey!!

coco cake land birthday

Every freaking year is a blessing. We’ve had so many ups and downs trying to grow our family a little bit more but I always must remember how good things are now, how lucky we are, to appreciate what is in the here and now and not wish for things beyond my control. I’m almost halfway into 42 now, woh. Just chugging along and hoping for continued good health! xo Lyndsay 

CBC Our Vancouver Book Appearance!

buttercream flower power cake

pink striped buttercream cake

buttercream bunny cake

Boy oh boy oh boy. I didn’t realize quite how far behind I was on blogging until I decided to sit down at my computer and hammer some posts out! Back in September, in support of my cake book, I was featured on the CBC program “Our Vancouver” with Gloria Mackarenko! I grew up seeing Gloria on the news. Apparently she had seen my story in The Vancouver Sun and wanted to have me on her show! I didn’t sleep super well the night before because: live TV!! and I made three cakes to bring PLUS a cake to demo, with Gloria helping to pipe some buttercream fur!

CBC Our Vancouver Coco Cake Land

CBC Our Vancouver Coco Cake Land

Gloria was so kind, and she really put me at ease, and in the end, it wasn’t so bad!! In fact it was kind of fun! There was one camera person, and a sound person, and Gloria – so pretty chill, if you don’t think about the fact that people will be watching this on their home televisions!

CBC Our Vancouver Coco Cake LandrCBC Our Vancouver Coco Cake Land

Thank you to my husband RT who escorted me to the television station, helped me carry all my cakes and stealthily snapped these pics! You can watch the segment here. Seeing my parents and my son Teddy lose his mind over watching his mom on television was reason enough to do it! Teddy was so darn excited, it was really so cute!! I found it 83.5% mortifying watching myself but I did better than I thought I did, ie – I didn’t sound like a total turd. You can watch the CBC Our Vancouver Coco Cake Land segment here, if you’re so inclined. Thank you CBC Our Vancouver and to Gloria for reaching out! xo Lyndsay 

Coco Cake Land Book Collage Collage Launch Party!

collage collage coco cake land

two party cakes

party cakes collage collage

cat cake coco cake land

circle cake flags

pink striped raspberry cake






















Can these pictures say a thousand words for me? I had the best time BACK IN AUGUST at my Collage Collage book launch party!!! Huge thanks to Erin and Erin of Collage Collage, along with my wonderful swag bag contributors Coral and Cloud, Make Merry Shop, People I’ve Loved, Petit Villains, London Fields Shoppe, The Dolly Shop and Aster and Clove! Mega mega thanks to my beautiful family and friends and fans who came out for cakes, books and cakey art making!! xo Lyndsay

Coco Cake Land Book Party #1!




Oh man. What can I say? My Coco Cake Land book launch party was more than I ever dreamed. It felt like my birthday, Christmas and my wedding all rolled into one joyous, colourful and beautiful evening at Little Mountain Shop in Vancouver. All of my dear family and friends, the most amazing decor by Make Merry Shop, hilarious Coco Cake Land special edition merch printed by my friend Steve, my sister Leanne arranged the flower bouquets in all of my favourite Dahlhaus vases, Miko helped me organize and arrange all of the merch, cheese boards and fruit platters provided by my beloved Aunties, sushi platters provided by my sis Shelley, delicous bahn mi (including vegan bahn mi!) and salad rolls from DD Mau, drinks galore and all dem crazy cakes, baked and decorated by me! With everything captured by my most wickedly awesome dear friend Phanie. 


































It feels so magical to relive the Coco Cake Land book party through these incredible pictures. SO SO SO BLESSED. Thank you dear Phanie for these photos, thank you to everyone who came and celebrated with me, and thank you to my wonderful family for all of their help!! xo Lyndsay 

Cake Walk Cakes + The Winner! (Finally!)

kitty cake by coco cake land

pink candy cake walk cake

cake walk cakes by cococakeland

If you are one of the seven actual readers of this blog, you may recall last year’s SADDEST CHILD IN THE WORLD GREAT CAKE WALK DEBACLE OF 2017 which turned into the GREAT CAKE WALK THEMED TEDDY’S BIRTHDAY OF 2017 BY WHICH HIS MOM MADE ALL THE CAKES FOR THE CAKE WALK THEMED BIRTHDAY. 

cake walk cakes by cococakeland

cake walk cakes by cococakeland

Last year, Teddy wasn’t at school yet, but we went to the carnival to get him all excited about his future school. This year, the school carnival was OUR EVERYTHING, weeks of anticipation, selling raffle tickets, making a “jolly jar” and getting royally PUMPED UP for the big day. The big day arrived, and it poured rain, but the children did not give a sh*t because it was SCHOOL CARNIVAL!! I volunteered during the school day to set up, cutting hot dog buns and putting cans of soda on ice, and of course I made the two cake walk cakes above – a pink candy “EAT ME” cake covered in sprinkles, colourful malt balls and caramel chocolate pieces, and a friendly faced kitty cat cake! The school community is amazing – parents and students made almost two hundred cakes for the cake walk, a killer feat! I also volunteered at the cake walk station (obviously, hehe)… taking tickets. Please see below for the excitement of a kid who finally wins the cake walk.

cake walk winner

cake walk winner

cake walk winner

Please ignore the penile-balloon that is pointing excitedly at these sprinkle-covered brownies that Teddy chose as his cakey prize!

cake walk winner

(Again, pardon the giant balloon dong)…. Teddy has absolutely loved his first year at elementary school. I of course am crying on the inside and outside that his first big year of Kindergarten is coming to an end. I’ve enjoyed easing into being a part of this great school and community and it makes me so happy to see how much Teddy has thrived at school. I know this is all going to go by in a blink of an eye, right? Grateful to be around to experience it all with him. xo Lyndsay 

Cake Walk Birthday Party

cake walk birthday party

cake walk birthday party

Back in June, we had a cake walk tragedy… and it came to pass that we would have a CAKE WALK BIRTHDAY PARTY this year for Teddy’s fifth birthday. Does the world generally know what a cake walk is?? Or is it a Canadian thing, or a carnival game of yesteryear? It’s like a cake-version of musical chairs, where you walk in a circle, jumping from number to number, and when the music stops, a number is drawn from a hat, and if that number is the one you’re standing upon, you win the cake.

cake walk birthday party

I made nine mini cakes for Teddy’s family birthday party – one for each cousin, plus my sister had two Japanese exchange students visiting.  Before you think I’m completely crazy, know this: I love that shit, plus, baking nine cakes wasn’t too bad – I used the ol’ sheet pan method, baking two sheets of cake then punching out layers with a four inch round silver cutter! I whipped up a huge ass batch of vanilla buttercream, filled some piping bags and away I went!

mini cake

Buttercream burgers.

cake walk cakes

astronaut costume

Ground control to Major Ted!! Birthday present astronaut suit. Jealous of those silver gloves.

chomp chomp

A happy and excited cake walk winner!! (um, everyone won.) No fork, no problem. Teddy’s squeals of excitement and the cheering of when his number was called and seeing him and his cousins BOOGYING to the music… all worth it! xo Lyndsay