They Were Cones: Instagram Lately

ice cream cone - coco cake land

Coco Cake Land lately has been a mix of biz and pleasure! Sunny evenings call for bicycle rides to the ice cream factory!

sandals and tights

My crazy psychedelic (possibly ridiculous) $5.99 tights. Sister and I have the same pair. “Tights are not pants” says my friend Christa! I agree, but DANG these things are comfortable!

pretty donuts - coco cake land

Donut even bother trying to get me to quit donuts. C’est impossible. Love you forever x infinity, d-nuts! A fun photoshoot for an upcoming post.

pretty blue hawaii swimming pool

Just splashing around in a beautiful swimming pool in Hawaii! My sis and I went for my cousin’s wedding in Honolulu. DREAMSVILLE PARADISE, much? It was a kid-free getaway and we partied like teenagers and danced til our backs were covered in sweat. Very classy.

hawaiian wedding bride and groom - coco cake land

My cousin Jenine looking all grown up, glowing and beautiful in a gorgeous ruffly wedding gown. Love her new hubby Dustyn, too – he is such a party dog and a genuine human being. Yay, J + D!

cherry sprinkles ice cream cone - coco cake land

I got my mind on my cones and my cones on my mind: I sure do love me a simple ice cream cone topped with a bright and syrup-bursting maraschino cherry! I think it’s from my olden days as a kid ordering fancy, sweet and icy Shirley Temples at uptown restaurants (or Chinese banquets) with its pineapple wedge and red sticky cherry skewered by a plastic sword.

diamond pink cupcakes - coco cake land

Geometric cupcakes! Diamonds and shadows on a sunny Spring baking day here in Vancouver. Pretty happy chappy times lately with loads of fun projects coming up! These nicely square pics were all snapped via Instagram! Wishing everyone a happy Friday – what’re you baking this weekend?? xo Lyndsay

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