Sungday Morning

ice cream sandwich ice cream cone party!

These sunshiney ice cream treats look like toys to me! Nope, they’re 100% real and I ate them all. Muffin top is like a voracious amoeba and must smorgasbord on treats when feeling like it. Because blogging on a Sunday is blogging on a Sunday. Because the blog rules don’t apply to me anymore because I am a bald eagled Vietnamese pot bellied pig head who finally air guitared to the Ramones with her son this morning. Saturday morning I woke up without the immediate barfs, the chemical metallic taste almost faded from my mouth. The sun streaked into our kitchen, a breeze blew through the room, the morning was lit with hope and Cheerios with almond milk and banana slices. Hey ho! Let’s go! We followed up our morning rocking out with a gentle walk around the neighborhood. We admired trees and flowers. We talked about gardening and fences in the sun. I was timid, I was scared. I didn’t want the chemo gods to think I was getting greedy with my day. But so far it’s worked out ok. I have one more chemo to go at the end of the month.

green manicure

On Monday I thought I was cool as all heck with my modern, muted green manicure colour – D’OH! Same colour as the chemo chairs. Just looking at this photo makes me feel ill. I think the word chemo will forever make me shudder.

chocolate donuts banquet atelier tea towel

I was so pleased with myself with these donuts. Because … I didn’t make them! I’ve been getting way more into styling for the fun of styling lately with my zero percent energy to do much in the way of baking. One of my favourite things is to style and photograph the baked goods after creating … so my new jam is BUYING stuff and making it look how I want it to! These glistening chocolate glazed donuts I bought from an uber popular chain store around the corner from my house. I think the donuts were 90 cents… I styled them with sprinkles and jibby jabby things around the house and they became MINE. Not the freshest donuts, I must add – but not horrible to eat for less than a buck… yes of course I ate them… I’m no fool…

mint green ice cream cone on pink wall

CONEHEAD! I am cheers-ing the world in this picture. Cheers, world!

pink malt ball topped vanilla cupcake

And then I did bake! (a few weeks ago, in between chemo rounds)… I made these furry buttercream vanilla cupcakes for a new friend. I feel like I want to bake a million cakes for all of the beautiful and kind people who have come out of the wordwork. It’s incredible the friendships that can form out of shitty times. Forever grateful for all of the kindness in my life.

pink sprinkled homer simpson style donut

Two takes on national donut day (those crafty donut purveyors, coming up with their own day and hashtag! National Beef Tendon Day is not quite so popular). Homer Simpson donut above, because don’t have a cow man. And Katherine Sabbath style drippy meringue donut below!

katherine sabbath style donut with meringues

Color blast! I love those crispy freeze dried raspberries. So textural and tangy and flavourful.

crushed colourful meringue kisses

A pretty mess of meringues! Learn how to make these swiss meringue kisses! They really are like eating wispy clouds of crispy marshmallows.

spam with cheese

I do, I do – I do love SPAM. My amazing friend Steph gifted me this can of Spam with CHEESE, no less! Oh fried Spam. I’m getting disturbingly good at caramelizing brown sugar/soy sauce with the fat of Spam into a crisp sugary crust of porky deliciousness… how are Spam slices, fried, so much like meat pillows? There is a lightness, almost like it’s whipped, in the fatness – it’s so confounding. Gad it’s gross when it slides out of its can though. It does resemble dog food. BUT… quickly scuttle past that realization and FRY IT UP and you won’t regret it. Better than bacon. Last year I wrote about how to make spam musubi – I know, I’m a weirdo. Fried Spam with rice and soft boiled egg was the first thing I felt like eating out of my latest chemo fog. Chemo screws up your tastebuds – every thing tastes SERIOUSLY GROSS and sweet and sickly… and all of a sudden you’re craving salty pork from a can … Hehe. Happy Sunday, my friends – hoping you are well! xo Lyndsay 

4 Responses to “Sungday Morning”

  1. cynthia

    YES for Spam saving the day! (You’re right though, that moment when it slides out of the can…) Reading this makes my heart so full of emotion for you. You amaze me every day with your strength, courage, and all-around panache in the face of all that chemo (down to ruining your fab manicure UGH) and I can never say that enough. Love these happy photos and hearing about how you’re doing — you ROCK LADY. Sending hugs as always!!!

    1. Lyndsay // Coco Cake Land

      dearest Cynthia!! such a sweet comment. you are always so dang thoughtful. thank you so much XO (SPAM TWINS!)

  2. Sarah // The Sugar Hit

    Dammit, I was so on board with that manicure colour! And I’m digging all the styling you’re doing here lady. If anyone can take a chain-store donut and make it look amazing, it’s you. You’re amazing, and I would love to join your air-guitar group one of these days. Keep on powering through, you’re crushing it.

    1. Lyndsay // Coco Cake Land

      aw sarah you sweet girl. thank you buddy!!! XO (we can totally air guitar to the Ramones in person one day … ha!)

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