Blackberry Coconut Milk Popsicles With Greek Yogurt Recipe

blackberry coconut popsicles with greek yogurt recipe

blackberry coconut popsicles with greek yogurt recipe

I’ve got a power blast of blackberry refreshment over on Poppytalk today – my recipe for blackberry coconut milk popsicles with greek yogurt! Git over there! Git!!

Other things that Led-Zeppelin-laser-light-showed my mind this week: 

Kelly, why dontcha go combine two of my favourite things into one? WHAT YOU DID! Ice cream sandwich donuts on Studio DIY, guys.

You know how much I love cute fruit. THIS! Fruit macaron DIY by Sugar and Cloth! The little apple macaron alone is straight up adorable.

I love to Asian up my day and Cynthia’s always got something rad brewing up in her kitchen. Red bean ice cream from Two Red Bowls.

I love banh mi, I love fries. Steph has officially lobotomized me with this banh mi fries recipe over on I Am A Food Blog!

My middle name is #coneheadclub and I love the idea of an ice cream crawl! Doing it up all frozen style at You Are My Fave!

Happy Friday, cake pals! xo Lyndsay


7 Responses to “Blackberry Coconut Milk Popsicles With Greek Yogurt Recipe”

  1. molly yeh

    have you seen this list of 30 best ice cream parlors around the world?? i feel like there needs to be some blogger world ice cream adventure happening…

    1. Lyndsay // Coco Cake Land

      MOLLY THAT IS A VERY EXCELLENT LINK! i’m thinking a coneheadclub blog party might be in order… hee!!! man, imagine if we all got to hang out in the same city and crawl around for ice cream together? insanity.

  2. How to Philosophize with Cake

    Those look wonderful! Love all of the fresh berries in here. :)

  3. Rachel, trés beans

    those popsicles look delicious! I always have tons of left over greek yogurt. I admit I tried making greek yogurt popsicles once and they were not so great. but your popsicles have a 1000% success rate in my family so I will be trying this for sure.
    PS I have had tons of ice cream and other cold desserts lately (confession??) but none in cones…yet. #wannabeconehead

  4. cynthia

    OMG these popsicles are everything I love about everything! Eeee they sound so delicious. Also, you need to come to NY so that we can go to Sundaes and Cones! And Chinatown Ice Cream Factory! Best azn flavors EVER. (Although I feel like the Asian food standards in Vancouver must be much higher than they are over on here.)

    And bah, thank you so much for the link love!! <3 <3

  5. Michelle @ Vitamin Sunshine

    Those are beautiful. I love coconut milk- and would die for blackberries this summer! I’m living in the tropics– mangoes we have. Berries are super expensive, not ripe, and have travelled thousands of miles to reach us :(

  6. Jessica @ Sweet Menu

    Ahh prettiest popsicles ever! And love love love your pretty photography!


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