Chocolate Caramel Mac Nut Tart

chocolate caramel mac nut tart

chocolate caramel mac nut tart

slices of mac nut tart

Back in March 2017, my entire family took a very special trip to Maui – my mom, my dad, my sisters, husbands and all of our kids, a trip a few years in the making, as my dear dad hasn’t been able to travel due to health issues and had finally gotten the okay from his docs that he could take a trip! We went to his most beloved place, the beautiful islands of Hawaii. Someone recently said to me that “Hawaii is the theme of your family” and that’s pretty much true – whether it was my dad’s Hawaiian themed 70th birthday party, or my own wintry vintage Hawaiian themed wedding on a snowy day in January – and, just this past Father’s Day, Hawaii themed!! Because why not.

Hawaiian Themed Father's Day spread

I made my sweet friend Alana’s chocolate caramel mac nut pie recipe, fried up some Spam musubi and coconut shrimp – I got too tired to fry up chicken so I ordered delivery! As soon as I read Alana’s recipe I knew I wanted to make it for a special occasion such as this!

Palm tree Maui

Palm tree dangling in the warm tropical breeze of Maui.

Maui sunset

Maui Sunset!

Shave ice Maui

Wildcard shave ice combo: POG, grape and Melona, with vanilla ice cream on the bottom!

Maui sunset

More sunset!

Pineapple Maui

Pineapple party!

Leoda's Kitchen and Pie Shop

(The inspiration for wanting to make a chocolate mac nut pie – Leoda’s pies in Maui! So so delicious and totally worth a trip there)! Here is Alana’s definitive Maui guide which will help you plan your next vacation! PLUS: of course, Alana of Fix Feast Flair’s chocolate caramel macadamia nut tart recipe! The only thing I added was a dusting of Maldon salt for a sweet and salty textured addition, and I made regular whipped cream instead of mascarpone – but I loved the tangy creme fraiche flavour in both the caramel and the ganache! So good! Thanks so much Alana for the recipe! Sigh. Dreaming of Hawaii once again… xo Lyndsay 

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  1. alana

    eeeeeee i love this post so much and i love that you guys theme everything hawaii!! huge hugs!!!

    1. Lyndsay // Coco Cake Land

      Yay! I loved your recipe Alana!! XO

  2. Slamet Riyadi

    The look makes me like, let alone tasting it …!


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