Easter Cakes Round up

easter cakes
bunny cake cover star coco cake land
easter cakes

Powered by bunnies! Coco Cake Land Easter cakes round up, and a few Easter dessert recipes too! A few weekends ago Teddy and I made matcha green tea sugar cookies with white chocolate drizzle, from a recipe card sent to us by the wonderful CBC Great Canadian Baking Show finalist Colin! He was Teddy’s fave contestant, and thanks to the internet, we were able to reach out and say hi. He kindly offered to send Teddy a recipe card and note in the mail! Cute! We used our trusty Miffy cookie cutter to make some adorable bunny cookies. The photos weren’t so adorable because my iPhone camera is cracked, so I won’t be featuring them here. But you can imagine with your imagination! :P

bunny cake
easter cakes

Here’s how the bunny cake comes together! You can make your bunbun friend furry or smooth and add a whole bunch of crispy chocolate mini eggs on top, like this Flower Crown Bunny Cake!

easter cakes

These pink bunny cut up cakes would make a very good individualized Easter dessert option. You know, the pandemic and sharing food and all.

slice of cream pie - cococakeland.com

Or just simply fuggedabout bunny things. How about a banana coconut cream pie??

coffee toffee strawberry chocolate cake recipe

Or one of my favourites, a little bit wacky but totally scrumptious Coffee Toffee Strawberry Chocolate Cake. Cram in all the flavours.

Eggies flower crown easter bunny cake

We’re making carrot cake for the weekend! I’ve been working on a plant based recipe which is top notch moist. I kinda love adding vegetables and fruit to baking. We’ve been on this “Live 5-2-1-0” kick for Teddy. Eat five servings of fruit and vegetables (carrots in cake or muffins, zucchini hidden in chocolate loaf cakes, or spinach in morning smoothies!), two hours max of screen time (bwahaha), one hour minimum of physical activity a day and… ZERO sugary drinks! The last one is very easy considering Teddy gets one Mountain Dew on his birthday, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-style. And he barely drinks it… too bubbly. He actually likes to wait until it gets flat in the fridge and then has teeny sips of it over the course of many weeks. IDEAL!

abstract buttercream painted cake

Wishing you a casual, low stress and delicious week/weekend – if you celebrate Easter, I hope you’re able to connect with family and friends in a meaningful and safe manner. If you celebrate Easter in the consumerist candy way, may the big Bunny rain down many a chocolate egg in your direction. xo Lyndsay

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