Easy Chocolate Ganache Pie Recipe – OHHH YEAH!

easy chocolate ganache pie recipe - Coco Cake Land

You know my deal. Sweet and easy, casual times. This pie is that. That pie is this. Pie, pie, who am I??? No but really – easy chocolate ganache pie recipe, right here, right now. Ohhh yeah. I’m busting through a brick wall like a giant glass jug sloshing with electric pink Kool-Aid yelling “this is EASY, guys!!! EASY!” If you want to complicate things, make your pie crust from scratch, because… I just used a frozen pie shell. ZING! Gimme another OHHH YEAHHH!!!

easy chocolate ganache pie recipe - Coco Cake Land

But isn’t it pretty? I would wear this as a face mask if I didn’t hate having food on my skin. The reason why I know I hate having food on my skin is because in grade 9, I was on student council and for a fundraiser, we had pies thrown at our faces. Disgusting whipped edible oil product pies thrown at us. I can still feel the remnants of non-dairy oiliness in my ear. It felt like it would never come off of my skin. Also: make this pie or I will pinch the above blackberry til it bursts into a million little juicy tangy bits.

modern chocolate ganache pie - Coco Cake Land

Chocolate Ganache Pie With Fresh Berries

12 slices (maybe 8 if you're feeling piggy?)

For The Crust

  1. Walk to your nearest supermarket and go down the frozen foods aisle.
  2. Open up those cool heavy doors and let that cold air blast at your face.
  3. Select your favourite frozen pie crust. I selected Tenderflake, because they paid me to - but it really did bake up all cute and wonderful!
  4. Pay for your frozen pie crust.
  5. Bag it and bring it home. See you over at Ingredients Two!

For The Chocolate Ganache Filling

  • 2 cups of full fat high quality coconut milk
  • 1 pound of good quality semi-sweet or dark chocolate - chopped chocolate, or chocolate chips
  • fresh berries
  • edible flowers

Make The Pie Crust

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees.

Bring the frozen pie shell to room temperature; poke all over with a fork.

Bake in the oven for ten minutes; let it cool completely on a wire rack.

Make The Ganache

  1. In a medium saucepan, heat the coconut milk on medium heat unit it reaches a low boil.
  2. Remove from heat; add the chocolate, making sure the coconut milk covers the chocolate.
  3. Let it sit untouched for ten minutes.
  4. After ten minutes, gently whisk together until a glossy smooth ganache forms.
  5. Pour ganache into cooled pie shell and chill for 60 minutes until set.
  6. Decorate with fresh berries, edible flowers, fresh herbs.

fried chicken picnic - Coco Cake Land

In other news: my friend Michelle from Hummingbird High tells it like it is in this timely post about what it means to be a food blogger. It’s a good reminder to consider WHY one blogs. For me this past year, my blog was a place I could shit it all out there and talk about my breast cancer diagnosis and treatments, and a place to put some of my thoughts and feelings. Also? Two of my favourite things, writing and photography, get to combine with another favourite thing, baking stuff. Plus, jokes. And another thing i’ve learned about myself is that I think food styling is fun. That I will food style a fucking family picnic of fried chicken because it’s THAT FUN and the light is too beautiful for me not to be the food stylist turd family member. It makes me giddy and happy. So that’s why I do it I guess. I’ve also met some DELIGHTFUL people through being an online wingwang. Did you know you can find a list of my favourite blogs ( and people) at the bottom of my ABOUT page? These are all the bitches who I admire, or who are hilarious and real, and create insanely good and/or delicious content but are also good people, or funny people. Or just crazy talented people. But there’s a no jerks allowed rule. So feel free to browse my favourites and know that there are no jerkturds on those lists! (PS – Tenderflake compensated me to create this video, but not this post – but I love these pie photos so decided to post the recipe!) xo Lyndsay 

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  1. Adrianna from A Cozy Kitchen

    there is still nothing more that i love than baking something in a very psychotic, meticulous way, styling it and then taking a photo of it. it’s such a strange thing to love, i think. but i love it so much. i’m so lucky to call it a job. i’m so lucky that i can lean on it when i want to cry because life is sometimes sad. when i think about it like that, all the BS falls at the wayside. it’s really that simple. x

    1. Lyndsay // Coco Cake Land

      “psychotic, meticulous” made me laugh … yes! I know just how you feel Adrianna – I do feel lucky, in so many ways, too! XO

  2. gyozagirleats

    no one takes a family picnic food shot better than you. *food styling is fun* :)

    1. Lyndsay // Coco Cake Land

      hehe… thanks sis! xo

  3. Sugar Baby Bakes

    I love your energy in this post, and “online wingwang” cracked me UP!

    1. Lyndsay // Coco Cake Land

      thank you Anne!!

  4. jenny

    so today is my husband’s birthday and it is TOO HOT to bake a cake – this is the PERFECT thing to make – I’m already half-done and love you to the moon and back for posting – it popped into my FB feed last night and saved the day. THANK YOU. xo

    1. Lyndsay // Coco Cake Land

      oh YAY! I love when that happens! Happy birthday to your husband! ^__^ Thanks Jenny!

  5. Nicoletta @sugarlovespices

    Love your wit, energy and attitude! And I love your easy, real no fuss, super yummy cake. A joy to the eye! Food blogging is awesome

    1. Lyndsay // Coco Cake Land

      Hey thanks Nicoletta! :)

  6. Alanna @ One Tough Cookie

    This pie looks absolutely gorgeous! I love making pie crust from scratch, but to save time, I often make several of them at once and freeze a bunch for later. There’s something so satisfying about a smooth ganache pie filling — it would be so nice with all the berries in abundance right now. Thanks for sharing! (p.s. I loved that post Michelle wrote about the Saveur Awards too — so nice to see some real talk still happening in the blogosphere these days)

    1. Lyndsay // Coco Cake Land

      Oooh smart idea, making a bunch at once. Why don’t I ever do that?? :P Yes I never want summer berries to end!!! I agree. More real talk and genuine talk can only be a good thing. Thanks, Alanna!

  7. Gloria @ Homemade & Yummy

    Ok…so my husband and oldest daughter are chocolate fanatics. I’m not sure if I will show them this or not. If I do….I know I will just have to make it.

    1. Lyndsay // Coco Cake Land

      Luckily it’s easy as pie!! :)

  8. Teresa

    Sometimes a frozen pie shell is the thing that makes the difference between a dessert like this and a piece of fruit (not that I don’t love a nice piece of fruit).

    1. Lyndsay // Coco Cake Land

      Haha! Good point, Teresa! :)

  9. Samantha | My Kitchen Love

    I have zero shame – I often buy these pie shells because sometimes what counts is the inside of things. Like this freaking crazy chocolatey creation that I would totally take in the face. ;) I find the whole food blogging thing appealing as it’s somewhat tangible. You make something. It’s there, it’s real, and sharing it with your readers makes come alive a little bit more through their eyes and their interpretation of it. Great creation and great post as always Lyndsay!

  10. Aimee

    How is this so perfect and so simple?! Love it and an so inspired. I have a whole garden on edible flowers just waiting…..

  11. Dana

    Oh Lyndsay. I’ve always loved your goodies; your cakes are my favorite to gawk at, and here you are making something so gorgeous and simple… simple enough that even *I* might be able to pull it off! Haha (not a very skilled baker here, whatevs! I try when I try.)
    Love everything about this. Except the fact that it’s not in my face right now. I don’t love that.

  12. Justine @ JustineCelina.com

    This is such a cute pie, Lyndsay! I love a good easy pie recipe and don’t think there should be any shame in purchasing premade pie shells, or pizza dough for that matter. Your photos are always so charming and bubbly! They make me smile. :) Enjoy your weekend!

  13. Kristal

    My eyes fell out of my head when I saw this pie. Woo de LA!! And edible flowers? Incredible contrast against your ganache. I’m wishing I had a piece with the coffee sitting at my desk. On the real tho, is there an edible flowers list you trust? I Googled it and there were conflicting results. Thanks for sharing your amazing page with all the mommas the world who wanna stand their dessert up straight. <3 (BTDubs, your puppy cake idea went over VERY well yesterday and my birthday girl was VERY pleased. Thank you!!!)

    1. Lyndsay // Coco Cake Land

      Ha! Thanks Kristal! Buy your edible flowers from places like Whole Foods (they have them in the herbs section) or at farmer’s markets, and make sure they are organically grown. Or, you can grow them yourself using organic seeds!

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