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Hairy Pup Birthday Cake!

A lovely hairy frosted vanilla buttercream pup cake made for my old high school friend Sandeep’s awesome mom’s birthday! I’ve had the pleasure of making cakes for his wedding day,...Read More

Raspberry Vanilla Cake!

A little raspberry jam filled vanilla buttercream frosted cake for our amazing, incredible mom on her 68th birthday. (Right?? As if she looks 68!! … pictured above with my son...Read More

Saturday Sundae

I had an ice cream sundae party for my 36th birthday! Yes, a party theme typically fit for children… maybe I’m in a children-centric mood these days, taking care of...Read More

Birthday Cupcakes For River!

Some lovely, simple frosted dark chocolate cupcakes with chocolate buttercream and turquoise vanilla buttercream for River’s birthday… man I love taking pride in frosting a cupcake. Cake-nerdy but true… and...Read More