Bunny Cake! Bunny Cake!

bunny cake

how to make a bunny cake

Every time I make a bunny cake it goes a little bit differently. Riffing off my own bunny from a few months ago, I went furry face this time, and added a buttercream rosette/drop star crown with piped leaves and a light touch of sprinkles! This bunny was not planned, in fact it was an emergency bunny cake which I started baking at 12pm and finished at 3pm, to drop off to one of my favourite little gals, my best friend Tara’s daughter Nola, in time for her bunny themed 8th birthday party! I will never get over the cuteness of a child seeing their birthday cake for the first time. It’s safe to say it is like the PRIMO NUMBER ONE REASON I make cakes. Cake is frigging joy. Joy is a reason for living. Cake is life.

bunny cake by coco cake land

Also… I shot a “how to make a bunny cake” video! Enjoy watching the magic of iPhone time lapse making it look like this cake only took 42 seconds to make! :P

Happiest birthday to my dear friend Tara’s (not really so little anymore) one! xo Lyndsay 

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