Cute Strawberry Cake DIY

strawberry-cake-DIY by coco cake land

strawberry cake DIY by coco cake land

I heart CUTE FRUIT. ‘Specially this strawberry cake DIY I made for Handmade Charlotte, which was inspired by my pineapple wearing sunglasses cake!

Even more cute fruit:

My pal Tessa’s watermelon cake! Faceplant into it, me want!!

This is one of of my ultimate favourite cakes, ever. SAD LEMON CAKE

My apple cupcakes tutorial and bookworm NERD cake topper!

These super adorable watermelon cake toppers! Eeks with an eeks on top!

Click on over to Handmade Charlotte for the full cute strawberry cake DIY – so fruity fun for a summer birthday!

5 Responses to “Cute Strawberry Cake DIY”

  1. Emily

    this is adorable!

    1. Lyndsay // Coco Cake Land

      thank you emily! ^__^

  2. Sarah

    This is just great! That icing is the most perfect shade of pink. :)

    1. Lyndsay // Coco Cake Land

      ha – thanks sarah! :) i’m pretty fond of that pink shade, too!

  3. Michelle @ Vitamin Sunshine

    AHH! I’m dying with how cute that cake is. Such beautiful creations :) Pinning… for sometime in the distant future when I have a little girl to make a cake for.


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