Horse Ribbon Cupcake Liner Garland DIY – Giddy Up!

Yee-haw! I’m so excited to announce I’m a new contributor to the super sweet blog Julep, part of the design site I love their DIYs and inspiration and am so thrilled to share this horse ribbon garland made from good old cupcake liners with you!

Gallop (oh dear!) on over to Julep right now for the full tutorial – it’s cute and easy and it guarantees that your next party will likely be horsier than the last!

 xo Lyndsay

2 Responses to “Horse Ribbon Cupcake Liner Garland DIY – Giddy Up!”

  1. Neide MC

    Hi Lyndsay, sorry i dont speak english, go try,
    Yours cakes are beautiful, and i be happy with visit in my blog.

    Kiss, have a nice weekend!

  2. lyndsay

    hi neide! gosh no worries, thank you very much for stopping by! :)

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