How To Decorate A Cake: One Cake Three Ways

I gots some sweet cake decorating ideas for lazies today! Check out my post on how to decorate a cake on You Are My Fave – including this candy topped beauty. Shortly after this photo was taken all of the mini eggs and malt balls were destroyed by ingestion. Candy problem, right here!!

PS you’re not lazy. Even if you are, lazy cake decorating can still be great.

3 Responses to “How To Decorate A Cake: One Cake Three Ways”

  1. karen

    Although I’ve made some stunning cakes (a copy of your “Very Hungry Caterpillar” being one I replicated for a birthday and then a few times for a cake walk fundraiser at the kids’ school) I have often found myself bereft of time exactly when the kids’ birthday party dates approach. Oftentimes I’ve bought Lego and Playmobil (the small inexpensive packages) to decorate the cakes … we decrease their sugar consumption, they get a toy to add to their collection, and we end up with a memory-making cake.

    I love how simple yet fantastic your cakes always are, including the colourful one above. Big fan. =)

  2. thimble

    these are great! I love the lolly one- too darn sweet!

  3. Coco Cake Land

    @karen – i like the usage of toys idea on the cake! super cute and fun… thank you so much! ^__^

    @thimble – thank you! :)


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