How To Ice A Cupcake – 6 Designs

An icing style is like a hairstyle – ponytail, perm, straight, bangs, short cut, undercut, mohawk! Here are six different ways to instantly style and change up your cupcake frosting! The full tutorial is over on my post at Craftsy! What’s your favourite way to ice a cupcake?

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Happy Friday, dear readers! Back on Monday with more cakey bloggy goodness for you!

xo Lyndsay

6 Responses to “How To Ice A Cupcake – 6 Designs”

  1. thimble

    I love the spiky one! It reminds me of icecream cake :-) definitely going to have to give it a go!

  2. Coco Cake Land

    @thimble – ahhh totally! ice cream cake! thanks so much! xo

  3. Major Maestro

    these cupcakes look really yummy. next time show how to bake different shapes and sizes of cupcakes and how to icing them :)

  4. Martyna Mierzwa


  5. Laura

    That last one is my favorite I think… I did a similar pattern with green icing to look like grass and then I put speckled reeses eggs and peeps on top for Easter :)

  6. Coco Cake Land

    @major maetro – thank you!!

    @martyna – thank you so much!!

    @ laura – aww yes i love that idea, grass and yummy chocolate eggs! (and i LOVE chocolate and peanut butter!)

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