Kawaii Rainbow Cookies!

Kawaii Faced Rainbow Cookies - Coco Cake Land

Happy Spring! Rebirth, growth, flowers, extra sunlight – all the good things! Cookies – put a face on it! I just can’t not put a face on things. Addicted to kawaii forever. Addicted to weird and wonderful anthropomorphic animals and happy-faced food items (or sad faced lazy egg food items). I remember getting this hamburger panda stationary in Japan in 2002 and being SO stoked. I have been going a little sugar cookie wild lately, but that’s ok – it is FUN and time-consuming in a relaxing way – each little cookie is different, whether it’s the kawaii face or the drips on a cone. I made this batch for some new pals!

smiley faced cookie - Coco Cake Land

I started seeing my rainbow cookies with a kawaii face as a shaggy dog with rainbow hair – and I can’t unsee this. It’s not a bad image to not unsee.

Sugarfina pearl ice cream cone cookie - Coco Cake Land

Drippy ice cream cones! Mine are always dripping like melting cones in the sun. My worst drippy sticky nightmare actually but in sugar cookie form, I just love the drips so much! Sugarfina sent me these golden crispy chocolate pearl candies and they make the perfect ice cream cone topper!

Ice cream cone cookies + rainbow cookies - Coco Cake Land

Sugarfina pearl ice cream cone cookie - Coco Cake Land

Sugar cookies seem to be having a sweet resurgence – I think it’s because the possibilities and individual styles are endless – and cookie masters like Baked Ideas, Holly Fox and Vickie are proving that sugar cookies can be super cute, aesthetically pleasing and modern!

Kawaii Faced Rainbow Cookies - Coco Cake Land

Ice cream cone cookies + rainbow sugar cookies - Coco Cake Land

My “Ballad Of The Royal Icing Sugar Cookie” post has some great links and resources!

Here’s some more sugar cookie cuteness floating around the inter web!

Baked Idea’s cookies make me hungry for all types of food. 

The colours of these cloud cookies are soooo soothing to me!

Eggs and bacon cookies (love the “salt and pepper!”)

If you can bear to listen to Bowie yet, this David Bowie cookie is everything – by Sweet Ambs, of course!

Cookies on cakes! This cake is THE RADDEST most stylish Godzilla cake ever.

I love this Palm Springs inspired cake, with the most amazing sugar cookie details!

Happy baking! xo Lyndsay 

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