Knot Too Shabby: Sailboat Cake + Easy Cupcake Liner Garland

Guys. This is as easy as 1-2-3. We’re talking easy party idea! “Mellow sailing theme!”

Make a sweet and easy garland using about 24 mini cupcake liners.

Make some cute sailboat themed toppers using craft paper, wooden skewers and washi tape!

Pipe your cake with a wavy buttercream ocean top!

Now, party all day and sleep all night! (that’s the dream of the new moms!) I’ll have a medium-large slice, please! Muffin top for-eva!

You can read more about this ridiculously easy party idea over on my guest post at the awesome blog You Are My Fave!

11 Responses to “Knot Too Shabby: Sailboat Cake + Easy Cupcake Liner Garland”

  1. Riikka Sisustus-Inredning

    Hi Lindsay <3 Thank you ever so much for leaving me a comment to my blog:

    I love the garland and the cake – great ideas!

    I found out that you have a thing for Angry Birds (superb cakes btw) Welcome to Finland and to Angry Birds Park in Tampere! ;)

    Love, Riikka from Finland

  2. lyndsay

    hi Rikka! thank you for the comment and for telling me about Angry Birds Park! i must google! :)

  3. Trina

    This is fabulous. The muffin wrapper garland is genius too. I don’t have those type of wrappers, will regular do?

  4. chaoslady

    Hi Lindsay.
    This cake is a dream.


    Delicious post :P The cake looks amazing!

    P.S. Let me know if you’re interested in following each other :)

    xox LJ

  6. lyndsay

    @trina, sure any cupcake liners would do – i used this particular one because of the white centers, which gives it that flowery look! thanks for your comments!

    @chaoslady, you are too kind!! thanks!! :)

  7. Neha

    This is such fun!

  8. lyndsay

    @neha, thank you! ^__^

  9. lyndsay

    @LJ, thank you! ^__^

  10. Michelle

    That wavy buttercream ocean is brilliant! It almost looks like it’s moving. ;) Cute garland and toppers, too!

  11. lyndsay

    aww thanks michelle! :)

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